Chris Rodgers | Professor
tufts university

Chris Rodgers, Professor, tufts university

Chris got all three of his degrees at Stanford Univ., where he worked with John Eaton on his thesis looking at particle motion in a boundary layer flow. From Stanford, he went to Tufts as a faculty member, where he has been for the last million years, with a few exceptions. Chris also has a strong commitment to teaching, and at Tufts has started a number of new directions, including learning robotics with LEGO bricks and learning manufacturing by building musical instruments. He has worked with LEGO to develop ROBOLAB, a robotic approach to learning science and math. ROBOLAB has already gone into over 50,000 schools worldwide and has been translated into 15 languages. He works in various classrooms once a week, although he has been banned from recess for making too much noise.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 09:20

Makerspaces, coding and robotics: transforming education for today’s student

  • Delivering immersive experience to drive learning forward
  • How to take your makerspace, coding and robotics to the next level
  • Igniting and activating creative design thinking
  • True learning – failure as part of the process
  • Don’t ignore it, harness it. Here’s how…
last published: 16/Aug/18 14:45 GMT

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