Chris Rodgers | Professor & Chair, Dept of Mechanical Engineering
tufts university

Chris Rodgers, Professor & Chair, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, tufts university

Chris got all three of his degrees at Stanford Univ., where he worked with John Eaton on his thesis looking at particle motion in a boundary layer flow. From Stanford, he went to Tufts as a faculty member, where he has been for the last million years, with a few exceptions. Chris also has a strong commitment to teaching, and at Tufts has started a number of new directions, including learning robotics with LEGO bricks and learning manufacturing by building musical instruments. He has worked with LEGO to develop ROBOLAB, a robotic approach to learning science and math. ROBOLAB has already gone into over 50,000 schools worldwide and has been translated into 15 languages. He works in various classrooms once a week, although he has been banned from recess for making too much noise.


VIP Conference Day 1 @ 09:20

Makerspaces, coding and robotics: transforming education for today’s student

  • Delivering immersive experience to drive learning forward
  • How to take your makerspace, coding and robotics to the next level
  • Igniting and activating creative design thinking
  • True learning – failure as part of the process
  • Don’t ignore it, harness it. Here’s how…

EduTECH Africa Seminar Day 1 @ 12:30

Teaching Science with Robotics

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