Digital Practice, Tuesday 3 November 2020

Sarah Lawrance
Digital Practice

Driving up your revenue with advisory services

Lielette Calleja
Panel discussion
Digital Practice

Accounting & the digital highway

By attending this session, you will learn:
  • How cloud has transformed accounting & the practice of today
  • How cloud can pave the way for success
  • The power of automation
Session led by: bgl-corporate-solutions
Lindsay Wemyss
Hendrik Jap
Digital Practice

Standing out from your competition: Identifying your USP

Nick Cheng
Digital Practice

Moving your AP automation to the cloud: best practices for a digital practice

Thanks to the leading cloud accounting solutions such as Xero and Receipt Bank you can have all your financial data fully digital, safely and securely stored in the cloud. However, in many cases, the end-to-end AP process still relies on paper signatures and/or email,which keeps you from becoming a fully digital practice. By attending this session you will learn:
  • About the Xero-based app stack that enables end-to-end AP automation
  • How to transition your clientsto fully digital and cloud-based accounting systems
  • Best practices of setting up essential authorization and spend control processes
Jody Padar
Digital Practice

Panel: From bean counters to business advisors: The changing role of the accountant

By attending this session, you will learn:
  • Why SME's want/need advisory services
  • What they need to become business advisors
  • How technology allows for advisory
David Hassall
Digital Practice

App stacks: How can they help your practice grow?

By attending this session, you will learn:
  • How to build the right app stack
  • How it can be monetised
  • Where you should start
Nisha Kohli
Digital Practice

Growing your advisory offering amid tech disruption

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Digital Practice, Tuesday 3 November 2020

last published: 30/Oct/20 06:45


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