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Business in the Cloud, Tuesday 8 October 2019

Jonathan Chuah
Business in the Cloud

Managing cross border business in the cloud

Ang Yuit
Business in the Cloud

Smart Nation for Businesses

How is the Smart Nation initiative cascading down to enterprise solutions and what will the future be like?How will technology play a part and where are we against the world?
Session led by: association-of-small-&-medium-enterprises
Robert Tay

Why do I need to join Singapore’s Nationwide E-Invoicing Network?

The payment landscape in Singapore has been changed with PayNow where payment can be made easily. It is now common for businesses to send payment over PayNow. Likewise, the invoice landscape is going to be changed with the nationwide e-invoicing network. Join us to learn how you can invoice each other digitally and easily on the network, and start reaping the benefits of digitalisation for yourself and your partners.
Robert Tay, Cluster Director, Modern Services, IMDA
Session led by: imda
Kevin Fitzgerald

Become a pacesetter in the accounting industry

  • What the current state of the accounting industry looks like (traditional paper-based v.s. enlightened in digital)
  • To identify your challenges and understand your support channels
  • Best practices, tools and platforms adopted by progressive firms around the world
Session led by: xero
Ken Ooi
Business in the Cloud

Procurement and finance: A match made in the cloud

  • Why now is the time to think about moving your procurement processes out of the stone age and into the Cloud
  • The Benefits and Challenges of migrating to an online eProcurement System
  • Case study demonstrating ROI
Session led by: tenderboard-pte-ltd
Jonathan Kok
Business in the Cloud

Growing your business in the cloud

Cecil Su
Business in the Cloud

Preparing your organisation to meet cyber security challenges in the cloud environment

Richard Little
Business in the Cloud

Optimising the financial lifecycle: leveraging cloud technology

Richard Little, CFO, Tridant Pte Ltd
Session led by: tridant-pte-ltd
Jason Shong
Business in the Cloud

Getting ahead of the competition by respecting data rights

Lielette Calleja

Embracing change with confidence

Aynsley Damery

How cloud, blockchain and AI can double your profits

Richelle Tay
Business in the Cloud

Bringing SME businesses to cloud: challenges and opportunities

    The impact of cloud and digitalisation on small businessesHow to leverage on digitalisation with a small team of employeesMaking use of cloud-based functions and software to improve business functions
Tanvir Walia
Business in the Cloud

SME digitalisation: building a strong digital business in Southeast Asia

    What Digitalization really means in the context of Southeast Asian SME'sHow to start your digitalization journey and knowing which business processes to automate firstHow Digitalization gives your business a competitive advantage and sets you up for long-term success.
Session led by: deskera
Dheeraj VN
Kelvin Wee
Business in the Cloud

Strengthen your competitive advantage by empowering a mobile workforce

  • To understand the benefits of online accounting beyond efficiency gains
  • How to get paid faster
  • How to run a truly mobile business on the go
Session led by: xero
Suresh Kalpathy
Business in the Cloud

Affordable Oracle Netsuite in the cloud

Suresh Kalpathy, President, Rapid e-Suite
Session led by: rapid-e-suite
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