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Accounting & Bookkeeping, Tuesday 8 October 2019

Venkat Padmanabhan
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Transformation journey: "Accountant" to "World Class Business Partner"

Jess Minnett
Robert Tay

Why do I need to join Singapore’s Nationwide E-Invoicing Network?

The payment landscape in Singapore has been changed with PayNow where payment can be made easily. It is now common for businesses to send payment over PayNow. Likewise, the invoice landscape is going to be changed with the nationwide e-invoicing network. Join us to learn how you can invoice each other digitally and easily on the network, and start reaping the benefits of digitalisation for yourself and your partners.
Robert Tay, Cluster Director, Modern Services, IMDA
Session led by: imda
Kevin Fitzgerald

Become a pacesetter in the accounting industry

  • What the current state of the accounting industry looks like (traditional paper-based v.s. enlightened in digital)
  • To identify your challenges and understand your support channels
  • Best practices, tools and platforms adopted by progressive firms around the world
Session led by: xero
Rajat Gupta
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Outsourcing and when it could work for your business

David Hassall
Accounting & Bookkeeping

How to build the right app stack for your accounting firm and how it can help your practice grow

  • Need help building the right app stack?
  • How can it be monetised?
  • Where do I start?
Session led by: xero-user-magazine
Rizwan Khan
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Managing cross border accounting systems

Leslie Daniel Chan
Accounting & Bookkeeping

How to manage digital currencies from a bookkeeping accounting perspective

So your company decides to accept digital currencies; how do I keep and manage the companies account?Are there multi signatories needed to prevent fraudulent transactions?What are the rules and tax implications?What is considered taxable revenue?How to access ledger records on the blockchain?
Wouter De Veen
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Upgrading legacy systems: how to make your processes more efficient

Wouter De Veen, Finance Director, Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore
Lielette Calleja

Embracing change with confidence

Aynsley Damery

How cloud, blockchain and AI can double your profits

Michael Brown
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Getting started with paperless accounting

Jiwei Wang
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Upgrading your skills for a technological future

Sundeep Kohli
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Taking expenses digital: how to get started

Vikrant Rathore
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate finance and accounting

Vikrant Rathore, Founder, Komerco
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Accounting & Bookkeeping, Wednesday 9 October 2019

Accounting & Bookkeeping


Natanael Suryadi
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Integrating sales and financial planning to drive business performance through BPC system

Jonathan Winter
Zahra Pourabedin
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Automated audit and bookkeeping

Zahra Pourabedin, Lecturer, Henley Business School, University Of Reading Malaysia
Ishi Singh
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Future of bookkeeping: how bookkeepers will evolve into business advisors

  • Disruption in the ecosystem
  • Transformation of the bookkeepers role
  • The future of bookkeepers -> AI enhanced Business advisors
Saba Khan, Partner, Head of Products, XION.AI
Session led by:
Elaine Lim
Panel discussion

How can I benefit from a free e-invoicing solution?

The first step in doing business is to be found. Just as businesses without a web presence are not in people's consideration, a presence in the nationally recognised PEPPOL E-Invoicing network is a must to be found for transacting digitally. Learn more about how the E-Invoice network is enhancing business opportunities for local SME's and other businesses.
Moderator: Seong Wah Geok, Director, E-Invoice (Project Office), IMDA
Sally Loo, Finance Controller, Dairy Farm Group
Volkmar Ahrens, Managing Director, W.M.D.
Debarun Roychoudhury, Senior Vice President and Group Head, UOB BizSmart, United Overseas Bank Limited
Session led by: imda
Jody Padar

Putting innovation into your company culture's DNA

Today’s future-ready accountants are operating at the intersection of user experience, technology and business. But what does that mean exactly? In this interactive session, we’ll talk about why innovation and agility are related, transform your company’s culture, look at your business model and reevaluate operations. You’ll walk away with tips and strategies on how to roll with constant change and how you can take your company to the next level.
Vincent Widjaja
Rajive Keshup
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Which cloud accounting software makes the most sense for your business?

Technology, much like everyday business problems are not 'one size fits all'. As problems in business intersect both off and online it is increasingly important for SMEs to have technology which can do the same. Rajive will go through his team's recent thoughts on leadership on technology for SMEs, and how SME software should map well to SME business problems.
Session led by: deskera
Kirstin Gillon
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Technologies and accountancy

-What the key technologies areas are-The benefits and challenges to small and medium sized practices-Key lessons from a selection of case studies and examples from the UK, including audit tech, the Virtual FD model and analytics in small practices
Session led by: icaew
Marc Bruce
Accounting & Bookkeeping


Session led by: yyc-holdings-sdn-bhd
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