SynoCode Group Limited


SynoCode is an authorised Qlik and Jedox Solution Partner in Hong Kong. We implement Data Discovery and Visualization solution with Qlik (Qlikview, Qlik Sense, GeoAnalytics and NPrinting) to our customers; We also contribute planning and budgeting in Jedox EPM software. Data comes with different ERP systems, POS systems; and different data sources (Excel), Social Media Connections and Big Data system. 

SynoCode是Qlik和Jedox解決方案的香港授權合作夥伴。我們為客戶提供Qlik(Qlikview﹑Qlik Sense﹑GeoAnalytics﹑NPrinting)的數據洞悉和可視化分析平台的解決方案;Jedox EPM軟件可以完善預算流程,整合ERP﹑POS系統之數據源(Excel),並可擴充至社交媒體和大數據系統。