William Paiva | Executive Director, Center for Health Systems Innovation
Oklahoma State University

William Paiva, Executive Director, Center for Health Systems Innovation, Oklahoma State University

William D. Paiva, PhD, is Executive Director of the Center for Health Systems Innovation (CHSI).  The Center is focused on transforming rural and Native America health through the implementation of innovative care delivery and IT solutions.  Within CHSI, the Institute for Predictive Medicine is applying advanced analytics to the largest health care database which includes clinical information for over 63 million patients covering 16 years.  Prior to joining Oklahoma State University, Dr. Paiva was for over 20 years in the venture capital industry, management consulting, and investment banking industries.  Dr. Paiva holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Dartmouth College.


AI in Healthcare 2018 Day One @ 11:40

AI round table discussion session

Table 1: Transforming health care delivery through artificial intelligence

Precision 2018 Day 1 @ 14:50

Panel: Funding precision medicine – how to fund your projects

  • What are investors most likely to find compelling in an elevator pitch?
  • Is it the science or the team that attracts capital?
  • How can I obtain access to funding sources?
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of each capital source?

Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 14:30

Transforming healthcare delivery through artificial intelligence

  • History of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and the applications within Health Care
  • An overview of Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) Center for Health Systems Innovation’s (CHSI) efforts to apply these approaches to the transformation of health care delivery with an emphasis on rural health care
  • Examples utilising the largest clinical database representing clinical information from 63 million patients collected over 16 years through electronic medical record systems

Ai in Healthcare 2018 Day Two @ 17:10

Panel discussion: How can AI and pharma integrate to work together?

  • AI companies can access public data, however struggle to access privately held by pharma companies.
  • Will AI companies and pharma ever be able to work together to share this data?
  • How can we unlock the potential of AI in big pharma?
  • How AI companies can help pharma, and vice versa

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