Dr Salmaan Dalvi | Director Stem Cells Programme
Precious Cells Miracle

Dr Salmaan Dalvi, Director Stem Cells Programme, Precious Cells Miracle

Precious Cells is a United Kingdom based organisation that connects 7 billion potential stem cells donors, 7 billion potential life savers, 7 billion potential life changers. Salmaan Dalvi(PhD) was appointed by Precious Cells to Head and Implement the first Hybrid Model for stem cell banking in the UK in January 2014.
In his new role, Dr Dalvi was given the responsibility to negotiate with NHS hospitals Trusts to establish and develop cord blood collection centres and ensure the that the organisations Public Cord Blood Banking division was established.
Since January 2014 Dr. Dalvi has successfully negotiated 6 NHS Trusts to establish Cord Blood and Stem Cell Centres of excellence where expectant mothers can donate their cord blood and cord tissue and Placenta altruistically and be part of a cord blood derived stem cell revolution that has been gathering momentum for some years.
Dr. Dalvi’s dedication and stewardship in the field of Cord Blood collection for transplantation has ensured he was elected as a Director of the Cord Blood Association in October 2016. The Cord Blood Association is an international non-profit organization that promotes the work of the cord blood community for saving lives, improving health and changing medicine.
Dr Dalvi previously worked for the NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) where he was responsible for managing collections at all hospitals under the NHSBT Authority, establishing the UK’s Cord Bank Facility at University College Hospital London.
Dr Dalvi’s career also spans more than 30 years in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in the field across four continents and understands the challenges of emerging and developing nations. He believes that Africa, China and Indian Sub-Continent will provide some of the major challenges in the stem cell field and will also be the areas where the next rapid growth will be in the cord blood and stem cells health sector.
He says: “Precious Cells is at the forefront of the industry pioneering initiatives and promoting excellence in stem cell collection and storage facilities. The organisation believes that the future belongs to those who prepare today. He continues and says that the team at Precious Cells is the most forward thinking and collaborative and has over 200 years of work experience in the field between them”


Cord Blood Day 1- Wednesday 16th May 2018 @ 17:30

Panel discussion: How can we get more patients donating cord blood?

  •     Educating expecting parents on the value of cord blood stem cells
  •     Issues around lack of ethnic diversity 
  •     Why is cord blood disposed of as waste in the majority of births? 

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