Ron Alfa | Vice President of Discovery and Product
Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Ron Alfa, Vice President of Discovery and Product, Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Alfa is Vice President, Discovery and Product at Recursion Pharmaceuticals (, an AI-enabled drug discovery company combining state-of-the-art machine learning with automated cell biology. At Recursion, he leads Product across the organization working closely with all teams to leverage computational tools & robotics to solve important drug discovery challenges. He received training in Neurosciences, Medicine, and Entrepreneurship at Stanford University and has made scientific contributions to the fields of Neurosciences, Metabolism, and Genetics. 


AI in Healthcare 2018 Day One @ 16:40

Reimagining drug discovery through AI

  • AI has vast potential, but we’re still at least a decade away fully in silico drug discovery efforts
  • Massively expanding and accelerating traditional approaches like phenotypic screening provides a feasible near-term solution to bringing substantial improvements to the efficiency of discovery and development efforts
  • In this talk, I will detail how Recursion sees the use of AI in discovery and development, as well as describe in some detail our technical strategies to accelerate discovery using AI, including our image-based phenotypic screening platform
  • Overviews of internal successes in rare disease, immunology, and immuno-oncology will be discussed. Partnerships with large pharmaceutical companies including Sanofi and Takeda may also be detailed

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