Maria Rende | Sales Specialist
Maco Pharma

Maria Rende, Sales Specialist, Maco Pharma

Maria is a Sales Specialist at Macopharma, a leading company in the cord blood field for more than fifteen years, which was one of the first to provide cord blood banks worldwide with dedicated collection kits. 
Macopharma’s cord blood sets are aimed at professionals wishing to use high quality medical devices in order to achieve an optimal volume collection, maximise cell recovery and perform an efficient cryopreservation and expansion of hematopoietic stem cells. 
Maria joined Macopharma in 2015 after working as a research associate at Imperial College London, where she led different projects focused on the use of cord blood stem cells in ex vivo models as bone marrow biomimicry. 


Cord Blood Day 1- Wednesday 16th May 2018 @ 14:30

Panel discussion: lessons learnt from cord blood collection for maximum cell recovery

  • Review of CB thawing procedures
  • Best practices recommendations 
  • Secure and efficient SOP

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