Dr Lorenzo Beltrame | Researcher, Department of Sociology and Social Research
University of Trento

Dr Lorenzo Beltrame, Researcher, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Trento

Dr. Lorenzo Beltrame is a Sociologist (Ph.D., University of Trento, Italy, 2007) with special expertise in European policies around developments in biomedical science. Following postdoctoral positions in Florence, Italy, and Graz, Austria, he was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship in 2015 to work with Prof. Hauskeller at the Centre of the Study of the Life Sciences, University of Exeter, UK. The 2-year research project “Regulatory Issues in Umbilical Cord Blood Banking in Europe” investigates the moral and industrial bioeconomy of cord blood banking and includes interviews with UCB banks in the UK and Italy (Horizon 2020 – MSCA-IF-2014 – 657361-REGUCB). Recent publications include: 
•    Christine Hauskeller and Beltrame, L., 2016 ‘Commodification and Decommodification of Human Tissues. An Analysis of conventional and hybrid umbilical cord blood banking practices’, New Genetics and Society, 35(3): 228-245
•    Christine Hauskeller and Beltrame, L., 2016 ‘The hybrid Bioeconomy of Umbilical Cord Blood Banking: Re-examining the narrative of opposition between public and private services, BioSocieties, 11(4): 415-434
•    Lorenzo Beltrame, 2014 ‘The Bio-objectification of Umbilical Cord Blood: Socio-economic and epistemic implications of biobanking’, Tecnoscienza, 5(1): 67-90.

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