Kate Falcon Girard | Program Manager of Regenerative Medicine
PerkinElmer Diagnostics ViaCord

Kate Falcon Girard, Program Manager of Regenerative Medicine, PerkinElmer Diagnostics ViaCord

Kate Girard, has worked with Viacord for 16 years in stem cell collection, preservation and utilization. She monitors the release and tracking of any stem cell product released from Viacord storage. Kate leads ViaCord’s regenerative medicine team working to identify and explore research into new applications for stem cells derived from cord blood and cord tissue.Kate has co-authored several abstracts on transplantation outcomes and preclinical work using cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. She has presented widely at industry meetings and continuing medical education venues for obstetric professionals. Kate has a clinical background in obstetrics.  She has Bachelors degrees in both biology and nursing, Masters in women’s health nursing and a post graduate certificate in clinical research. 


Cord Blood Day 1- Wednesday 16th May 2018 @ 14:30

Panel discussion: lessons learnt from cord blood collection for maximum cell recovery

  • Review of CB thawing procedures
  • Best practices recommendations 
  • Secure and efficient SOP

Cord Blood Day 1- Wednesday 16th May 2018 @ 15:30

Timing of cord clamping and impact on cord blood collection

  •     Delayed clamping of the umbilical cord after birth has been a subject of controversy and debate
  •     Overview of evidence 
  •     Suggested Industry responsibility and actions 

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