John Campbell | Associate Director, Tissues, Cells & Advanced Therapeutics
Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

John Campbell, Associate Director, Tissues, Cells & Advanced Therapeutics, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Professor John Campbell is Associate Director of Research and Development at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) in Edinburgh. He completed his PhD in Pathology at Edinburgh in 1995 on the immunopathogenesis of lymproliferative disease, and has worked in the cellular therapy field for over 20 years in academic and industry positions. He is currently the national head of research for SNBTS and holds academic appointments at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. SNBTS has a substantial cellular therapy research programme, with over 30 full time scientists working on basic cellular function; translation of laboratory protocols to full GMP processes; and production of cellular therapeutics for treatment of patients. SNBTS has a dedicated, fully MHRA licensed, GMP cellular therapy production centre at the Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine. This GMP manufacturing and development capacity will be substantially increased when SNBTS moves to the Jack Copland Centre, Edinburgh, in early 2017. Cellular therapeutics in development and early phase clinical trials include, mesenchymal stromal cells, corneal limbal stem cells, macrophages for tissue repair and virus -specific T Lymphocytes.


Conference Day 2: Friday 17th May 2019 @ 12:25

Manufacturing advances and scale-up for simple and complex ATMPs

  • Starting with the end in mind – moving from early to later phase trials with a core validated protocol
  • Incremental improvement in processes to achieve large increases in output
  • Automation in advanced therapeutics manufacturing
last published: 17/Jan/19 16:45 GMT

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