Gocha Shatirishvili | Medical Director
Geocord, Farmax Ltd

Gocha Shatirishvili, Medical Director, Geocord, Farmax Ltd

Dr. Gocha Shatirishvili is Medical Director of family Cord Blood Bank Geocord, Tbilisi, Georgia and Chief Scientific Officer of Department for Cell Technologies and Therapy at Cancer Research Center, Tbilisi.
Dr. Shatirishvili has earned his doctoral degree (Doktor der Medizin) at the Medical University Lubeck (Germany). Since 2000 his research interests focus on stem cell research and therapy. His 17 years long experience includes cord blood banking, cell therapy with autologous bone marrow stem cells (spinal cord injury, liver cirrhosis, heart failure) and  cord blood stem cells (ongoing study on autism), immunotherapy with lymphokine activated NK cells and  DC vaccine against cancer. His research field includes hematopoietic stem cell expansion (including cord blood), MSC expansion (from Wharton’s jelly and bone marrow). His area of interests for many years included rare diseases. Dr. Shatirishvili has created program of Rare Disorders for The Ministry of Health of Georgia, he also worked for Georgian Rare Diseases Office and was a Board member and expert of Alström Syndrome International (Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, USA).
Dr. Gocha Shatirishvili is a member of Georgian National Committee on Transplantation  and Committee on Bioethics at State Medical University Tbilisi. He is a member of Cord Blood Association (Government and Global Affairs Committee, Geneva, IL, USA).

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