Giuseppe Mazza | Chief Executive And Scientific Officer

Giuseppe Mazza, Chief Executive And Scientific Officer, Engitix

Giuseppe Mazza is a National Institute for Health and Research (NIHR) British Research Council (BRC) Post-Doctoral Fellow at the UCL Institute for Liver and Digestive Health. He joined the UCL Division of Medicine in 2013 and received his PhD in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Dr Mazza pioneered the decellularisation procedure for whole human liver as well as the development of novel decellularisation procedures for small scale tissue scaffold development. He is currently responsible for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine at UCL, ILDH. He has international academic collaborators and industrial partners. Dr Mazza has given invited presentations at universities, pharmaceutical companies and national/international congresses.  Dr Mazza has been involved in several international healthcare organizations, and he founded the healthcare charity Associazione Icore ONLUS. He has been Director of R&D at Promethera Biosciences since 2015 and co-founder of UCL Spin-outs Engitix Ltd and 3P-Sense Ltd since 2016. He is currently CEO and CSO at Engitix Ltd.

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