Prof Gerard Graham | Professor of Molecular and Structural Immunology
The University of Glasgow

Prof Gerard Graham, Professor of Molecular and Structural Immunology, The University of Glasgow

Gerry Graham is Head of the Chemokine Research Group ( at the University of Glasgow and is also Deputy Head of the Institute of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation. He has worked in the field of chemokine biology for over 25 years has been responsible for many of the seminal discoveries in this area. He has two major interests in terms of chemokine research: firstly, his group are amongst the world leaders in the study of atypical chemokine receptors and their roles in the regulation of chemokine function; secondly, he is using complex genomic approaches to try to understand, in more detail, the orchestration of the chemokine-driven inflammatory response. Work in Gerry’s lab is supported by a Medical Research Council Programme Grant and by a Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award. He is also a recipient of a Wolfson Royal Society Merit Award and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He has served on a number of grants panels, including the Leukaemia Research Fund Medical and Scientific Advisory Panel. He also spent over four years as a member of the Medical Research Council Infections and Immunity Board and is currently the Chair of the Wellcome Trust Expert Review Group in the Immune System in Health and Disease. He publishes regularly in prominent international journals and is frequently invited to major international scientific meetings.

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