Francesco Dazzi | Professor of Regenerative and Hematological Medicine
King's College London

Francesco Dazzi, Professor of Regenerative and Hematological Medicine, King's College London

Prof Francesco Dazzi’s activity has been centred on the biology and clinical applications of cellular therapies in stem cell transplantation. His activity both as a scientist and a clinical Haematologist has enabled him to establish a very productive cross-talk between bench and bedside. He obtained an MD and a PhD at Padua University Medical School (Italy), and subsequently trained as a Haematologist at Verona University and at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School (London, UK) under the mentorship of Prof John Goldman. He was appointed Senior Lecturer and then Reader in Transplantation Biology at Imperial and in 2005 he became Professor of Stem Cell Biology. He recently moved to King’s College where he is Professor of Regenerative and Haematological Medicine and leads Cellular Therapies for Kings’ Health Partners.
Francesco pioneered and developed a large cellular immunotherapy programme for leukaemia and established several animal models to investigate outstanding clinical problems. He described and characterised the immunosuppressive effects of mesenchymal stromal cells (MSC) thereby identifying a new mechanism of immune tolerance with distinctive tissue repair activity. His team successfully tested MSC in pre-clinical models of immune mediated diseases and the work has formed the basis of UK wide clinical studies. Prof Dazzi serves in the Advisory and Editorial Boards of International Societies and top scientific journals. He also sits in various national and international scientific committees for the development of standards in the preparation and delivery of stem cell therapies.


Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Day 2 - Thursday 17th May 2018 @ 12:20

Cell death for tissue regeneration: the paradox of mesenchymal stem cells

  •     Cell death is a key mechanism in mesenchymal stem cell immunomodulation and tissue repair
  •     Sensitivity to cell death characterise the product
  •     Recipient ability to kill MSC predicts clinical responses to MSC
  •     Recipient determines MSC clinical efficacy 

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