Dr Frédéric Triebel | Chief Scientific Officer And Medical Officer
Immutep Ltd

Dr Frédéric Triebel, Chief Scientific Officer And Medical Officer, Immutep Ltd

Frédéric Triebel, MD. Ph.D., is the scientific founder of Immutep S.A. (2001). Before starting Immutep, he was Professor in Immunology at Paris University. While working at Institut Gustave Roussy (IGR), a large cancer centre in Paris, he discovered the LAG-3 gene in 1990 and continued working on this research program since then, identifying the functions and medical usefulness of this molecule. He headed a research group at IGR while being also involved in the biological follow-up of cancer patients treated in Phase I/II immunotherapy trials. He was Director of an INSERM Unit from 1991 to 1996. First trained as a clinical haematologist, Dr. Triebel holds a Ph.D. in immunology (Paris University) and successfully developed several research programs in immunogenetics, leading to 145 publications and 18 patents. Dr. Triebel serves as the CSO/CMO of Immutep Limited, based in Sydney, Australia.


Conference Day 2: Friday 17th May 2019 @ 10:00

Keynote panel: Innovations in cellular and combination immunotherapy: current learnings, challenges and future applications

  • Using the immune system to identify and fight cancer cells: where are we and what do we need to maximise patient benefit in the future?
  • Improving cellular immunotherapy success by using genetic biomarkers to create precision medicines and improve success rates
  • Where are we with combination immunotherapy, what needs to be done to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the future
  • Moving from oncology to non-oncology applications, how can we make the shift to new therapy indications
  • Preventing relapse and resistance
last published: 14/May/19 13:35 GMT

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