ADVATIS® is a contractual joint venture between SIAD Healthcare S.p.A. and Haemopharm Healthcare S.r.l. .
SIAD Healthcare offers a wide range of products and services that cover many surgical specialties, cryobiology and medical gases with engineering and accessories.
Haemopharm Healthcare develops and manufactures flexible bags and medical devices for many pharmaceutical and medical applications.
ADVATIS® purpose is to provide the market with innovative solutions in the field of cryopreservation and cell therapy, offering a complete range of products that covers the different stages of collection, manipulation and preservation of stem cells and tissues: SAFE2® is the brand line of cryopreservation bags for stem cells (StemChoice line) and tissues (TissueChoice line) which was developed by putting together the competencies of the two companies.
SAFE2® cryobags are available in different sizes and are made of an innovative EVA formulation that makes the bag particularly flexible and at the same time highly resistant to the extremely low operating temperatures.
Thanks to the tight collaboration with the Customers and with the support of the Research & Development team, ADVATIS® can provide tailor-made solutions with high levels of product quality and safety.



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