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Business Design Centre World Cord Blood Congress Europe

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Meeting Point

Please arrive at the Poster Zone lounge area 10 minutes before your slot. The area will be clearly marked, and there will be water available.


The interviews will be approx. 20 minutes each, and cover current trends and developments in the industry. Questions will be forwarded in advance of the event. If you have not received them by Tuesday 14th May, please let us know .


Please contact Tanya if you have any questions, or if you are no longer able to attend your interview slot.

Before the event:

On the day: 07846642039

Interview Schedule

Thursday 16th May

Friday 17th May


The World Advanced Therapies and Regenerative Medicine Congress and Exhibition is an international conference and exhibition featuring the latest in advanced therapies, bioengineering and surrounding technology. To attend the conference which features global leaders in the biopharma and regenerative medicine industries, there is a registration fee. The exhibition is free to visit.

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