Cord Blood Day Two


Cord Blood Day 2- Thursday 17th May 2018

Day 2 Keynotes

Cord Blood Plenary

Universal donor ex vivo expanded hematopoietic progenitor cells for clinical application: to the Neutrophil and Beyond

  • Ex vivo expansion in human hematopoietic stem cells
  • Bench to bedside translation and development of a universal donor product
  • Clinical application of universal donor stem cell product in stem cell transplant and chemo induced neutropenia
Cord Blood Plenary

Cord blood transplantation: rewind to (hopefully) fast forward

  • Cord blood transplantation activity in USA
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using cord blood as source of stem cells
  • Comparison of cord blood transplantation vs. unrelated donors transplants
  • Overview of new clinical applications to improve outcomes in patients with undergoing cord blood transplantation
Cord Blood Plenary

Next Chapter of Stem Cell Banking – Progress and Commitment in Asia

  •     An update of Stem Cell Banking Businesses in Asia especially India, Thailand and Singapore
  •     What’s news in 2018, interested services expansion? 
  •     Regulation framework of Stem Cell and Gene Therapy, important collaboration with Thailand Authorities
  •     Asian in connection education networking – online
  •     MSC’s ID: genetically approve to resolve the ethical issue concerns in family banking business
Chaitanya Nerikar, Chief Executive Officer, Cryoviva
Cord Blood Plenary

The Commercialization of StemCyte International Ltd. and its operational challenge

  •     The success of StemCyte’s “Dual Track” business strategy! 
  •     The development of MonoNuclear Cells (UCBMNC) Platform Technology
  •     The Operational Challenge of Regenerative Cell Therapy  

Networking Refreshment Break

Cord Blood Banking

Cord Blood Plenary

Panel Discussion: collaborative cord blood banking

  •     Why aren't all private and public blood banks joining the CBA?
  •     Tackling lack of communication between researchers, biobanks and regulators
  •     How to increase international circulation of cord units  
Cord Blood Plenary

Broadening product offerings in family banking- new revenue opportunities or a distraction to clients?

  •     Plureon offers licenses to a branded placenta banking technology for private family banking
  •     Amnion is a nonprofit public stem cell bank that uses the same technology, and is focused on developing clinical applications for these cells
  •     Together, these platforms present an extension of the current cord blood banking model that may improve overall penetration rates 
Cord Blood Plenary

The IMSS Cord Blood Bank: a Mexican public bank with one of the largest utilisation rates in the world

  •     13 years of work and challenges 
  •     Biomedical research and clinical results 

Networking lunch

Featured during the break: Workshop/panel discussion by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Successes and Challenges: from Lab to Clinic

Cord Blood Plenary

Can frequency of therapeutic application of stem cells be influenced?

  •     The meaning of availability, reimbursement, gaining scientific reputation and clinical evidence
  •     How do incentives (reimbursement, scientific reputation) influence frequency of therapeutic applications of stem cells 
Cord Blood Plenary

Regeneration of mucosal tissues using Cord Blood preparates

  • Platelet gel from cord blood (CBPG) is a recently developed blood component for topical use
  • We report a case of life-threatening mucositis after high-dose chemotherapy with fotemustine and cytarabine that was successfully treated with CBPG
  • This case supports the need to conduct controlled studies comparing the efficacy of autologous and allogeneic platelet gel from adult and umbilical cord blood for the topical treatment of severe oral mucositis occurring after high-dose chemotherapy
Cord Blood Plenary

Safety and efficacy of autologous cord blood intrathecal transplantation for children with autism spectrum disorders

  • Initial results from the first study to use cord blood stem cell intrathecal transplantation for autism treatment
  • An explanation of how use of an Intrathecal injection provides the most optimal, shortest and safest delivery of cord blood cells direct to the brain
Cord Blood Plenary

Cord blood for prevention of type 1 diabetes

  • CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells (Treg) in umbilical cord blood provide potential as an immunotherapeutic tool
  • Considerable evidence indicates that type 1 diabetes is characterised by abnormalities in Treg number and function.
  • A pilot trial is currently underway in Australia that seeks to prevent type 1 diabetes with autologous cord blood in children with islet autoimmunity, who are at high risk of progression to type 1 diabetes

Networking Refreshment Break

Successes and Challenges: From Lab to Clinic

Cord Blood Plenary

The ‘Cord Blood Unit Selection Advisory Panel’ (CBUSAP)

  • An overview of the CBUSAP: a voluntary group of experts with specialist knowledge in cord blood transplantation
  • The aim of this panel is to support the use of CBU as a stem cell resource, increasing the understanding of how cords can be most effectively used
  • Case studies: challenges and successful transplants
Cord Blood Plenary

Differential expression of cell cycle and WNT pathway-related genes accounts for differences in the growth and differentiation potential of Wharton’s jelly and bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cel

  • In view of the current interest in exploring the clinical use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from different sources, we performed a side-by-side comparison of the biological properties of MSCs isolated from the Wharton’s jelly (WJ), the most abundant MSC source in umbilical cord, with bone marrow (BM)-MSCs, the most extensively studied MSC population
  • These data are anticipated to contribute to the better characterization of WJ-MSCs and BM-MSCs for potential clinical applications.

Haploidentical vs Cord Blood Transplantation

Cord Blood Plenary

Chair's Closing Remarks

Cord Blood Plenary

Onsite Networking Drinks

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