WIC 2017 Day 2, Wednesday 1st November 2017

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Strategies for oncology

Panel discussion

Panel: Oncology strategies across pharma

Panel: Oncology strategies across pharma
  • High level pharma companies come together to discuss their strategies for tackling cancer
  • Each company will give a 5-minute presentation on their strategy, and a fire side discussion on oncology focused strategies will follow
  • Strategies will cover cytotherapy, checkpoint inhibitors, combination therapy, sequential therapy, approaches to solid tumours, treatments and diagnostics

How a CRO can move your oncology strategy forwards

Please contact Derek Cavanagh for more information. e/derek.cavanagh@terrapinn.com t/+44 (0)207 092 1297

10:25 Networking Break

Cell Therapy

Chaired by Alfonso Quintas, Head of Clinical Research, Cell Therapies Unit, GSK

Dr Seth Ettenberg

Antibody Coupled T-cell Receptor (ACTR): a universal approach to cell therapy for cancer

  • T-cells expressing a chimeric receptor comprising the ectodomain of CD16 together with costimulatory and TCR signalling domains exert powerful cytotoxicity against tumor cells when combined with tumor-targeting monoclonal antibodies.
  • By separating tumor cell targeting (via the antibody) from tumor cell killing (via the engineered T-cell), ACTR therapy can be precisely controlled — potentially enhancing its safety and efficacy relative to alternative cell-based approaches.  
  • Unum is leveraging a wide range of existing antibodies to build a broad pipeline of novel T-cell + antibody combination therapies.
Torsten Tonn

Off the shelf engineered NK cells based on the NK-92 platform

  • Update on clinical trial activities with aNK
  • haNK cells expressing the high affinity Fc-Receptor for combination therapy with mAbs
  • taNK cells engineered to express CARs for neo-epitopes
  • Augmenting NK activity with IL-15 super-agonist Altor 803
  • Optimizing NK target activity through CRISR based gene manipulation
Torsten Tonn, Medical Director, German Red Cross Blood Donation Service East
Dr Renier Brentjens

Next generation CAR T cells

  • Recognize barriers to CAR T cell therapy of cancer including T cell persistence, antigen escape, and the immune suppressive tumour microenvironment
  • Recognize novel CAR T cell designs utilized to optimize anti-cancer efficacy of this novel approach as well as how these armoured CAR T cell designs may bridge the gap from liquid to solid tumours
Dr Rafael Amado

T-cell receptor engineered T-cells as cancer therapeutics

  • Provide an overview of the evolution of TCR-based gene therapy
  • Review mechanism of avidity enhancement of TCRs for optimal clinical safety and antitumor activity
  • Review clinical results of NY-ESO TCR in advanced sarcoma
Dr Alfonso Quintas

TCR T cell therapy in solid tumors

  • CAR T cell therapy directed against CD19 has shown remarkable activity in B cell malignancies
  • However, results have not yet been replicated in solid tumors
  • High affinity T cell receptor-based adoptive T cell therapy is emerging as an important approach for the treatment of solid tumors

13:05 Networking Lunch

Laurent Poirot

CAR-T 2.0 - universal allogeneic, off-the-shelf, CAR-T programs entering the clinic

  • First off-the-shelf CAR-T cancer therapy in clinical trials
  • Using TALEN® to engineer T-cells to target CD123
  • Manufacturing T-cell therapy in large scale using cells from donors  
Dr David Gilham

NK receptors and CAR T cell therapy: combining innate and adaptive immunity for the immunotherapy of cancer

  • CAR T cells exploiting the natural killer receptor NKG2D (NKR2) provide a broad spectrum of tumor indications that can be targeted by one generic vector.
  • Pre-clinical studies of NKR2 CAR T cells suggest potent anti-tumor activity employing both direct and indirect effector mechanisms of action.
  • Initial clinical trials carried out in the US suggest a good safety profile at low cell doses and some hints of clinical activity.
  • A large US and EU based phase I clinical trial is currently testing NKR2 CAR T cell therapy in haematological and solid tumor indications.
Dr Milena Kalaitsidou

Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) vehicles for adoptive cell therapy in solid tumours

  • CAR expressing T cells and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes targeting solid tumours
  • Differences between peripheral and tumour infiltrating lymphocytes
  • Strategies for improvement of adoptive cell therapy in solid tumours
Dr James Smith

Innovation gaps in the automation of cell-based therapy bioprocessing and overall supply chain models

  • What are the current cell therapy processing technologies in use today?
  • In which areas is automation required?
  • What can we learn about automation in other biotechnology areas and other industries?

15:55 Networking Break

Peter Ulrich

Preclinical toxicology within immune-oncology and cell therapy

Professor Robert Hawkins

Screening for combination therapies – technology to discover the best combinations


T-cell receptor (TCR) bispecifics

Please contact Derek Cavanagh for more information. e/derek.cavanagh@terrapinn.com t/+44 (0)207 092 1297

Oncolytic vaccine therapy

Sari Pesonen

PeptiCRAd™: an innovative oncolytic vaccine platform to refocus the immune response from virus to tumour

  • PeptiCRAd technology combines peptide vaccination and oncolytic virus-based immunotherapy, to deliver a highly synergistic anti-tumor effect
  • This strategy can be used to rapidly and cost efficently target different tumors and antigens without the need to manipulate the viral backbone
  • Phase I/II clinical trial is in preparation

18:30 Poster Presentation and Networking Reception

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