The World Cyber Security Congress Day 1 - 27th March 2018

Day One - Tuesday, 27th March


Registration Commences


Opening address by Jennifer Clark, Conference Director


Conference Welcome and Chairperson's opening remarks


Know your enemy

Chris Inglis

Keynote address: the future of cyber security and the information race

  • Current cyber security threats: How do they manifest, spread and how can they be contained?
  • How can we protect our most valuable infrastructure assets?
  • Winning the information security race: competition with foreign states and other actors
Chris Inglis, Former Deputy Director, National Security Agency
Johan Vallin

The Internet of Things: what do we stand to gain and lose?

  • The IoT will bring many advantages to businesses: un-paralleled customer connectivity, brand new business models, agile working
  • What are the costs associated with these sweeping changes to the way businesses, homes and people connect?
  • Is our national cyber security ready for the Internet of Things?
Rich Baich

Cyber Risk Decision Making: The right investments to reduce risk

  • Which cyber technologies are worth the investment?
  • How can you demonstrate ROI to your board?
  • How should you explain your cyber security risk posture to your stakeholders?
  • What do investors want to know about your cyber security processes?

Presentation reserved for title sponsor: Translating cyber threats into business risk


Speed Networking


Morning break and Exhibition Visit

Cheri McGuire

Staying competitive in a world of ever increasing cyber risk

  • Aligning business and security imperatives
  • Do you have a cutting-edge and comprehensive Information Security plan?
  • Making use of your best assets: employees, vendors and security solutions

Sponsor Presentation: Understanding the threat and building an effective cyber operations team to respond

  • your security mechanisms are built for the untrusted hacker and not the trusted insider; how can you redress the balance and understand your insider risk?
  • A lesson in the warning signs for abnormal behavior
  • Assess your privileged account security solutions
Natasha Meaney

Third Party Risk Management: the weakest link

  • Companies must carefully scrutinize and examine potential partners for cyber security vulnerabilities
  • To fail to effectively manage third parties exposes a company to criminal liability
  • How can you ensure your supply chain doesn’t leave you vulnerable to an attack?

Roundtable discussions

Planning ahead: in the event of an attack, what decisions will you have to make?

The Future of blockchain and digital currency

Managing your insider threat

Measuring the effectiveness of information security

How do you meet the expectations of a modern workforce and keep the enterprise network secure?

The Internet of Things: managing connected devices and vehicles

Beyond awareness: making employees do cyber security

Are our systems too complex?

Networking lunch & exhibition visit


Stream One - Surviving sophisticated attacks


Stream Two - Cyber security as a business differentiator


Stream Three - Risk and compliance


Stream Four - Data Security

Stream One

The evolving threat landscape: what should your organisation be doing now to prepare?

  • As threats become more sophisticated how can your organization prepare?
  • A diverse set of tools – people, technology, ideas – will enable you to survive future attacks
  • Should we have gradual evolution or radical change?
Stream Two

Cyber security strategy is now your business strategy: adopting new technology in line with customer expectations without leaving your enterprise vulnerable

  • Doing business and staying competitive in a world of ever increasing cyber risk
  • Trust as the new market differentiator
Stream Three

The UAE: Current challenges and future opportunities for Cyber Security

  • How has the Western Region Municipality, Abu Dhabi pursued a secure digital transformation?
  • Lessons learned so far and roadmap for the future
  • Reducing the gender gap in IT
Irene Corpuz, Section Head Of Planning And Information Technology Security, Western Region Municipality
Stream Four

If we can’t protect our data, can we make it valueless?

  • Strategies for data protection in the face of ever-increasing ransomware and data theft
  • How much is data worth to a hacker?
  • Can you anonymize customer data to make it valueless? Will that undermine your business objectives?
Stream One

Lessons learned from high profile attacks

  • What separated the winners and losers in recent attacks?
  • How can you raise your cyber security protocols to match the survivors?
Stream Two

What motivates hackers? understanding the profile of a cyber attacker to inform your security defenses

  • Understanding the profile of your ‘average’ attacker
  • What motivates hackers to dump data publicly and how do they do it?
  • Using this knowledge to inform our cyber security defenses
  • Can you ever be fully protected?
Stream Three

How Israel became a world-leader on cyber security

  • How Israel achieved its cyber security success?
  • Policy and Practice which supports or inhibits cyber innovation.
  • Building eco-system and collaboration private enterprise with public sector and academia
  • Which technologies will propel Israel’s cyber success?
  • What are the roadblocks to innovation and how can they be overcome?
Stream Four

Managing access to enterprise data: digital identities, threats in privileged pathways and end point protection

  • Authentication trends and standards
  • Thinking beyond passwords
  • Privileged account management
  • Managing user access in a multi-cloud enterprise
  • Combatting access governance blind spots
  • Stolen credential attacks can completely nullify all your security efforts, how can you respond?
Stream One

Sponsor Presentation: Reserved for Gold Sponsor which approach works best – offence or defence?

  • Understand why your company is being targeted
  • How honeynets can be used to proactively seek out attacks with near zero false positives
  • Adopting the right approach to cyber security to protect your data and prevent attacks
planning for the worst-case scenario
Stream Two

Sponsor presentation: Reserved for Gold Sponsor Using Machine Learning to Automate Advanced Cyber Defense

  • How machine learning and mathematics can automate advanced threat detection within networks
  • Why self-learning technology, known as the ‘immune system’ approach, detects threats early without using rules or signatures
  • How to gain 100% visibility across physical, virtual and cloud environments, including third-party cloud services and SaaS
Stream Three

Sponsor Presentation: Reserved for Gold Sponsor How can we measure ourselves against compliance? security auditing best practice

Stream Four

Sponsor Presentation: Reserved for Gold Sponsor Protecting your data with blockchain as a service

  • While a deluge of data in recent years can deliver valuable insights and analytics to help organizations innovate, this also presents new security challenges and attack vectors
  • Innovations in cryptography such as Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) are enabling organizations to adopt a "data-centric" posture to protect this data
  • Gain insights into the technologies and best practices adopted by firms to deploy data protection solutions to protect their most valuable assets
Stream One

Panel Discussion the modern cyber security breach: how can you function offline and how can you get your business operational as quickly as possible?

  • Grasping the threat of real world physical damage from cyber
  • Going beyond technology domains to crafting a human response to crisis
  • Defending the physical and procedural space
  • Which non-technology means should we be investing in?
Stream Two

Panel Discussion Digital transformation and cyber security: how can we safely enable the business through technology?

  • Digital innovation - breaking from legacy IT systems and embracing new technology - is a key driver of business growth and enterprise value
  • How can companies embrace trends like AI, machine learning, blockchain, apps, without exposing themselves to cyber security risks?
  • Can cyber security be built into the digital transformation process?
Stream Three

Panel Discussion GDPR – the consequences both intended and unintended

  • How will the GDPR really affect you?
  • As the attack economy shifts, are you ready for the fallout?
Michael Colao, Head of UK Security, AXA UK
Urmas Aamisepp, Chief Information Security Officer, Clas Ohlson
Michael Dierickx, Director of security engineering and information security officer, Panasonic Avionics
Jon Baines, Data Protection Officer (and GDPR Readiness), Network Rail
Stream Three

Panel Discussion How does regulation differ across the world and how can we harmonise our cyber security best practice?

  • What are the challenges and opportunities of international cyber security legislation?
  • Are there any major hurdles to international collaboration on cyber security? How can we overcome them?
  • Are there regional-specific issues to be addressed?

Afternoon networking break


Platinum Sponsorship Slot: Beating cybercrime: global trends, predictions & the lessons learnt in responding to the most advanced attacks

  • The current threat landscape and the geopolitical context of cyber security
  • A look to the year ahead; what threats will you all be facing this time next year?
  • Which technologies will be dominating the cyber security space, and are there any that really merit the hype?
Panel discussion


Sir Iain Lobban, former Director of GCHQ, will host an exclusive panel of former and active government officials from around the world.  Held under Chatham House Rule, the panelists will speak off the record about their cyber security priorities and the future of cyber legislation in their respective countries.
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Cyber Security Congress

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