Prof Zelig Eshhar | Chair of Immunology
Tel Aviv Surasky Medical Center

Prof Zelig Eshhar, Chair of Immunology, Tel Aviv Surasky Medical Center

Prof Zelig Eshhar, PhD, has pioneered the CAR T cell approach in the late eighties at the Weizmann Institute and further on during a sabbatical year in 1990 at the Surgery Branch with Dr Rosenberg at the NCI adopted it for cancer treatment. Taking advantage of the modular structure of the single chain chimeric receptor his lab. has designed and constructed various combinations of CARs specific to tumour antigens and studied their anti-tumor activity in animal models. Further on he has expressed the CAR in regulatory T cells and demonstrated the suppressive activity of such modified cells in the attenuation of auto-immune conditions in murine systems. More recently, Eshhar joined the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center where he serves as the Chair of Immunology Research.

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