XiangLiang Lin | Founder, President & CEO, VacciXcell
Esco Global

XiangLiang Lin, Founder, President & CEO, VacciXcell, Esco Global

Various roles within Esco Group starting from business development, sales, engineering, founded Esco Pharma in March 2009 designing, selling and project managing the company's first pharmaceutical isolators and downflow booths.
Provided strategic roadmap for Esco Pharma product new development, marketing & manufacturing strategy, engineering, beta testing, sales and marketing, appointing of distributors/partners/agents in 100+ countries, technical support and service leading the global executive team to current date where Esco Pharma now operates from our Corporate & Global HQ in Singapore and Regional HQs in USA and UK with factories in Singapore, USA & UK.
Serves as Market Development, Director for Esco Group and current role of  Esco Healthcare President, our platform brand for the companies Esco Pharma Pte Ltd, VacciXcell and TaPestle Rx.
Esco Healthcare employs 100 people worldwide and operates with Esco Group's 25 direct sales and service offices to provide specialist services, equipment packages and process solutions from our core platform products leading to improved protection of operators, reduction of cross-contamination and more efficient processing, thereby directly and indirectly advancing occupational health and human healthcare. 

Globally, our scope of activity revolves around

Aseptic Formulation & Filling
Vaccine Bioprocessing
Cell Therapy
Pharmacy Compounding
QC/IPQC for the above.

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