Vijay Ramiya | Morphogenesis I.N.C.

Vijay Ramiya, , Morphogenesis I.N.C.

I am a Principal Scientist at Morphogenesis, Inc. My goal is to manage cancers with therapeutic cancer vaccines formulated with our patented process. I have an extensive research experience in immunology, diabetes, cancer and stem cells. My PhD thesis was on the immune-regulatory processes induced by a drug called carrageenan in mouse model. I worked for 5 years in a small biotech company where I derived adult mouse pancreatic stem cells, differentiated them in vitro and demonstrated their ability in vivo to reverse type 1 diabetes in diabetic NOD mice. This observation was published in Nature Biotechnology in 2000. I have also worked on various drugs to determine whether islet regeneration can be induced to reverse autoimmune diabetes in mouse. At Morphogenesis, since July 2010, I have worked on cancer vaccines (in canine, feline and equine patients), deriving tumor cell lines and designing cancer vaccine trials (canine lymphoma and equine melanoma) which are ongoing. I have processed >20 different types of cancer for vaccine preparation. Currently part of the IND submission for whole cell vaccine for autologous human NHL patients. I have expertise in cancer immune monitoring and clinical trial data analysis.

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