Dr Tong Ming Fu | Senior Investigator
Merck and Company

Dr Tong Ming Fu, Senior Investigator, Merck and Company

Dr. Tong-Ming Fu obtained his medical degree at Peking University Health Science Center, formerly Beijing Medical University, and Ph.D. at Pennsylvania State University, Hershey Medical Center.  He joined Merck Research Laboratories after his academic trainings in virology and immunology, and has been working at Merck Vaccines Research for over 20-years.  He has conducted research to support many novel vaccine programs, including Merck HIV-1 and influenza M2 peptide-conjugate vaccines.  He also studied immune mechanisms of novel adjuvants and immune modulations by PD-1 blocking mAbs.  He currently is the research lead for Merck CMV vaccine.  He is a member of the council of 100 of VACCINE editorial board, and has co-authored 60 manuscripts and 10 issued patents or applications.

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