Dr Teri Heiland | VP of Research and Development
Immunomic Therapeutics

Dr Teri Heiland, VP of Research and Development, Immunomic Therapeutics

Teri Jones Heiland, Ph.D. - Vice President, Research & Development Dr. Heiland is currently the Vice President of Research and Development at ITI. She is an experienced molecular biologist and holds multiple patents in the field of genomics. Prior to ITI, Dr. Heiland led multiple research teams at Capital Genomix, Inc. developing and validating GeneSystem320(tm) and applying this technology to identify biomarkers associated with cancer. Prior to joining Capital Genomix, Dr. Heiland worked as a senior scientist in R&D at Kirkegaard & Perry Labs (KPL) where she spent four years as a project leader.  Dr. Heiland obtained her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1993. She also currently has an appointment at Johns Hopkins University as a Visiting Scientist.

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