Ms Tania Fernandez | Founder and Chief Executive Officer
DreamCatcher Ventures

Ms Tania Fernandez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DreamCatcher Ventures

Dr. Fernandez has a background as a scientist, venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. She is the Founder & CEO of Dream Catcher Ventures, a strategic advisory services firm based in San Francisco, CA with domain expertise in the Biotech and Healthcare sectors that focuses on working with entrepreneurs and investors to create, build and scale businesses effectively through globalization.
Dr. Fernandez has over 20 years of in-depth experience in the life sciences and 10 years of venture investing experience in the life sciences/healthcare and healthcare delivery space with Burrill & Company, a $1.5B life science focused fund, having invested right across therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, healthcare and healthcare IT. 
She secured her doctorate at the Cancer Research Institute, India, having been awarded the Indo-US scholarship from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA. Her research work won her the Young Scientist Award and she was also awarded for the most outstanding doctoral thesis. Her postdoctoral work at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health resulted in two awards for excellence in biomedical research and her research has been published in peer reviewed top tiered scientific journals including Nature Biotech, Journal of Experimental Medicine and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. She also has a post-doctorate from Texas A&M, College of Medicine having specialized in protein chemistry and genetic engineering.
Dr. Fernandez speaks at a number of conferences and events both nationally and internationally. She has held Board/Board observer positions on Adlyfe, Strand, White Glove Health and Bioimagene. She also sits on the Advisory Board Member of Express Pharma (Finance), and the editorial Board of “Interdisciplinary Journal of Applied and Biomedical Sciences”. Tania works extensively with entrepreneurs and has been/is involved with mentoring, advising and as an instructor to UCSF, Berkeley, UC Davis, Harvard. She also serves as Principal Advisor to Larta.

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