Dr Scot Shoemaker | Senior Director

Dr Scot Shoemaker, Senior Director, Takeda

Dr. Scott Shoemaker is currently Senior Director of Technical operations in Takeda’s Global Vaccine Technology and Engineering group.  Across his career he has lead a range of technical activities, from process development of small molecule formulations to technical oversight of commercial vaccine production.  He has spent the last 8 years focused on live virus vaccines, including both bulk drug substance (primarily mammalian cell lines) as well drug product (syringe, vials, and lyophilization).  In this time, he has lead activities across the product life cycle, including product development in the clinical phase, global filings and product launches accompanied by large increases in production capacity requirements, and in line product support.  His current role is to enable the commercialization of Takeda’s late stage vaccine pipeline, including creating the Technical Operations infrastructure to support product filing, launch, and in line support.

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