Dr Nicholas Jackson | Vice President, Head of Global Research
Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Nicholas Jackson, Vice President, Head of Global Research, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr. Nicholas Jackson joined Sanofi Pasteur in 2013 as the Head of Research and Development for the dengue vaccine program. He is responsible for all research and development activities related to the dengue program.

Dr. Jackson was trained in the United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oxford Brookes University, a master of science from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and a doctorate from the University of Warwick in the field of viral immunology.

Subsequently, Dr. Jackson has spent more than 15 years in prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine research and development, working on a variety of global vaccine programs (from early research to Phase 3) in disease areas including Streptococcus, Hepatitis, HSV, HIV-1, RSV, Influenza and Alzheimer’s disease.  Prior to joining Sanofi Pasteur, Dr. Jackson served as the head of an immunology platform and also led a platform investigating vaccine candidates in development for a bacterial disease area.

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