Dr Murali Bilikallahalli | Asso Dir
Medimmune L.L.C (A.Z.N)

Dr Murali Bilikallahalli, Asso Dir, Medimmune L.L.C (A.Z.N)

Murali has a PhD in Biophysical Chemistry and is currently a Associate Directorat MedImmune leading Formulation of Proteins, Oligos and Vaccines. He is an SME in the biophysical area over 20 years, and has been developing formulations and Drug products for variety of biologic modalities such a mAbs, conjugated proteins, VLPs, sub-unit vaccines, live attenuated viral vaccines, CPGs, SiRNA,  and DNA plasmids. Two approved products in the market (Elilyso & Xiapex).   He has won three young investigator awards (ASBMB-USA, ASPET-USA & JSPS- Japan) and published over 40 original research papers, expert reviews and book chapters.  Currently, he serves on the Editorial boards of Drug Discovery Today and mAbs. 

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