Dr Jerald Sadoff | Senior Advisor CEO
Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Dr Jerald Sadoff, Senior Advisor CEO, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Dr Jerald C. Sadoff is currently the Head of Early Development of the Crucell Vaccine Institute which is the Center of Excellence for Vaccine Development for Johnson & Johnson Companies Worldwide. Dr. Sadoff has spent his entire career developing vaccines against a large number of bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases, 11 of which have been licensed for human use and several currently are in Phase IIB and Phase III clinical trials. He currently serves on several IPCAVD Scientific Advisory Boards for NIH sponsored HIV vaccine efforts and is on the NIAID AIDS Vaccine Research Working Group. Over the last 35 years, he has authored over 350 articles, book chapters, and abstracts and has 18 issued patents

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