Dr Jeffrey Rosen | Medical Director and Founder
Clinical Research of South Florida

Dr Jeffrey Rosen, Medical Director and Founder, Clinical Research of South Florida

Jeffrey B. Rosen, MD, board-certified family physician, Medical Director, and founder of Clinical Research of South Florida (CRSF), has more than 30 years’ experience in clinical research. In his research career, Dr. Rosen has conducted over 650 clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas. In addition to being an extremely experienced investigator, he is a founding member of the Alliance for Multispecialty Research and speaker for several pharmaceutical companies, especially for vaccine programs.
CRSF’s principals and associates have conducted clinical research in Miami since 1975, earning a reputation for excellence, quality and consistency. CRSF is the oldest independent clinical research center in Miami. CRSF’s longevity can be attributed to its two primary goals: providing ethical, safe, cutting-edge medical care for its volunteers and high-quality, clean data to its sponsors with strict adherence to good clinical practice (GCP) guidelines. Clinical Research of South Florida is affiliated with a family practice medical center and associates with other medical practices in the Miami area. CRSF’s investigators are board-certified in their therapeutic specialties, with colleagues and patients frequently relying on their medical expertise. Building strong relationships with its patients and associated medical practices aids CRSF in successful recruitment, compliance, and retention in its clinical research studies. In addition to Dr. Jeffrey Rosen, CRSF has four sub-investigators located on-site and they are always available for research purposes. CRSF’s ability to recruit appropriate patients rapidly, maintaining high retention rates, allows CRSF to produce high-quality study results in a timely manner, earning CRSF a sterling reputation as one of the nation’s leading independent clinical research facilities.
Vaccine research has always been an integral part of CRSF’s focus. Since its opening in 1975, CRSF has performed 38 vaccine trials, enrolling an aggregate of 2,665 patients. Because of its success in the vaccines arena, CRSF is frequently awarded additional subject enrollment goals by study sponsors. CRSF’s has conducted vaccine trials in influenza, HPV, herpes zoster, ebola, candidiasis, among others.

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