Dr Cynthia Dukes | Vice President - Global Project Management

Dr Cynthia Dukes, Vice President - Global Project Management, ICON

Cynthia Dukes brings over 35 years of diversified clinical experience encompassing 29 years of clinical research experience in vaccines, oncology and infectious disease.  Cynthia began her clinical research experience as the Clinical Team Lead at Baylor College of Medicine’s Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation Unit and designated Influenza and Respiratory Disease Research Center where she gained valuable experience in vaccine and antiviral development. 
During her 10-year tenure at Pasteur Merieux Connaught (now Sanofi Pasteur), she was the clinical lead or product manager for multiple vaccines and oncology programs.  Subsequent to Pasteur Merieux Connaught she was the Sr. Director of Operations at ILEX Oncology providing oversight of up to 100 oncology studies (targeted therapies and oncology vaccines). 
While at ICON, Cynthia has been a significant contributor to the therapeutic areas of oncology, vaccines and infectious disease.   Whilst in pharma, Cynthia participated in more than 40 INDs leading to eight product approvals, including five vaccines, 2 oncology products and one immunoglobulin.   While at ICON she has provided strategic and management oversight on numerous pivotal studies leading to the approval of 9 vaccines and 5 oncology therapies.

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