Hilton Midtown New York



We've moved!

To accommodate increasing demand, Trading Show New York will take place at the New York Hilton Midtown in 2018. The bigger space will allow us to expand our focus and bring in new players from the rapidly expanding cryptocurrency, alternative data and machine learning sectors within institutional markets.

Staying in town?

Staying here during the conference means you won't have to plan travel time into your already packed schedule. Staying at the hotel along with the rest of the attendees also makes it easy to meet up after the event ends for the day. 

Book your room at the Hilton Midtown located at 1335 6th Ave, New York, NY before it's all booked up for the event dates.  

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NOTE: Terrapinn will NOT contact you by phone asking you to book a room. If you receive this kind of phone call, please HANG UP, do not agree to book and do not give over your credit card details. If you receive an email about booking your room from an address that does not end in @terrapinn.com please ignore it.

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