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Companies around the world are drawing conclusions from sourced geodata to improve workflow, efficiency, safety and revenue within their organisations. Governments and the public sector are also using geodata more and more when it comes to creating and maintaining smart cities and analysing environmental areas. This, combined with the challenge the huge growth in connected transport will pose to the industry means that geodata is influencing board-level business decisions more and more.

The GeoConnect Show will seek to bring together the global geodata community and provide a forum for the industry to meet and charter a way to move forward in this rapidly changing space.

From oil and gas companies needing to assess the damage after a storm on off-shore rigs to bridge operators analysing wear and tear on their constructions, the sourcing and interpretation of geodata is of paramount importance. In recent years, the rapid development of connected cars and on demand transport has brought geodata into the public eye and as more and more of the population live in 21st century smart cities, geodata will become a bigger and bigger part of everyday life. What companies must now do is decide how best to draw conclusions from the data that they source.

The GeoConnect Show will attract Chief Information Officers, Chief Data Officers, Heads of Innovation, Heads of R&D and their teams and will feature content devoted to the following verticals: Smart cities, infrastructure and construction, mining, agriculture, energy, property, transport, IOT and autonomous vehicles.

The conference will feature over 400 senior-level attendees with a further 600 scheduled to participate in the exhibition.




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