Nadine Samra | Chief Business Officer
Zee Entertainment | United Arab Emirates

Nadine Samra, Chief Business Officer, Zee Entertainment

Nadine Samra, VP digital business Middle East and Africa for Zee Entertainment. Nadine runs the digital business and is responsible for the digital transformation in MENA and Africa. In recent years has focused on building and running all aspects of digital businesses, specifically OTTs. She is passionate about creating innovative digital experiences for mobile and web. In 2017 has launched Weyyak, The Arabic OTT platform with over 12k hours of Arabic and Indian dubbed into Arabic content. In 2018, Nadine has launched the OTT platform Zee5 that targets the South Asian audiences with a large library of Bollywood content and original productions to Zee5 for MENA and Africa regions. Previously, the head of digital operations at MBC Group. She has managed several exciting digital businesses and lead them to success such as the leading Arabic VOD platform "" and the largest TV portal in ME “”.


Telecoms World ME day 1 @ 11:20

Panel: Winning the global subscription based streaming competition.

  • Joining the scramble to draw customers worldwide
  • Looking at the regional VODplayers competing with the two giants, Netflix and Amazon
  • Offering smaller streaming services and hyperlocal content
  • Estimating the growing traffic for content streaming in the Middle East

Telecoms World ME day 1 @ 15:20

PANEL Changing the way you watch TV with 5G

  • Speeding up download times ten times faster compared to 4G
  • Fueling social media content with improved photo and video upload speeds
  • Enabling more and more user-generated live streams
  • Introducing innovative 5G enabled content:o AR & VRo HDRo Voice Recognitiono AI and personalisation
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