Dubai, 17 - 18 September 2018


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Submarine Networks Middle East
Host: Hasnain Ali, Director of Permitting, Pioneer ConsultingUnited States
Sep 1609:00
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PANEL Evolution of the subsea industry in the region

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Discovering the new drivers of demand and the impact of content providers within the industry
  • Identifying the surge of OTTs and disruptors within the industry
  • Taking advantage of the new PoPs within the network
  • Recognising the future consumption trends of bandwidth hungry consumers
  • Driving forward regional smart city initiatives within exceptional submarine networks
  • Connecting the East to West: exploiting the strategic location of the Middle East
Ahmed Abdel-Latif, Group Chief Wholesale Officer, BATELCOBahrain
Shoaib Aslam Syal, General Manager – International Carrier Business, Multinet Pakistan Pvt LtdPakistan
Sep 1609:20
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PANEL The next sea-change: global reach, global touch, global enablement

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Implications of IoT, 5G and Industry 4.0
  • Borderless: going beyond geography with global access points in multiple markets and global data flows
  • Assessing and predicting the role of cloud giants in the next five years
  • Combatting the new subnet providers and their demands e.g. Facebook, Apple, Google
  • Utilising emerging technology for high performance, low latency connectivity
  • Developing the platform for the future needs of the internet
Sep 1609:40
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PANEL Accelerating connectivity in emerging markets

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Identifying new growth markets and the possibilities they bring
  • Capitalising on new business opportunities across the region
  • Overcoming the connectivity challenges in developing markets
  • Leading the way during the boom in internet adoption
  • Feeding the bandwidth hungry digital consumers
Antonio Nunes, Chief Executive Officer, Angola CablesAngola
Pal Beres, Market Development Director, Türk Telekom International HU Kft.Hungary
Sep 1610:00
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Securing the sea of cables: a global security threat

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Reducing network vulnerability in the digital age
  • Overcoming the new threats, both physical and cyber
  • Improving response to security threats
  • Developing technology to move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity
  • Increasing security through upgrades, collaboration and cloud infrastructureReserved for sponsor
Sep 1611:20
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PANEL Satellite vs Fibre: the race to ultimate connectivity

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Remaining the key international data transport method with ultra-low latency fibre connectivity
  • Driving digital transformation with fast, reliable and high capacity connectivity
  • Debating the benefits and disadvantages of each infrastructure
  • Combining software and hardware in the new models of connectivity
Christian Von Der Ropp, Director, Terrestrial Networks, A Human RightUnited States
Omar Hasan Alzaabi, Vice President, Products & Capacity Management, Carrier and Wholesale Services, Emirates Telecommunications Corporation – ETISALATUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1611:40
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OTTs: demanding, disrupting yet developing the industry

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Discovering the impact and the rise of OTTs, live streaming and VoD
  • Identifying the impact on traditional carriers
  • Who will be buying and selling capacity in the future?
  • Discussing the trend of OTT investment
  • Overcoming imbalance in investment opportunities
Sep 1612:10
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Regulating the seas and skies: striking a balance

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Embracing innovation, and creating a subsea and satellite level playing field Regulating the global players or reducing regulation on national service providers?
  • Identifying the need for cross-industry regulation
  • Addressing the changing geo-politics
  • Reducing jurisdictional creep and ensuring effective data regulation in the era of protectionism
Sep 1612:40
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Extending capacity and reach

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Higher capacity, faster networking, lower costs and power per bit
  • Challenges and opportunities for optical networks
  • Innovative approaches at every layer of the network
  • Cloud scale networks for subsea
  • Managing cost limitations with increments in capacity
  • Going beyond todays subsea capacity transmission limits for tomorrows internetReserved for sponsor
Sep 1613:00
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Project updates:

Submarine Networks Middle East
Johan Nilerud, Director-International Markets, duUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1614:00
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PANEL SDN in submarine: unlocking network potential

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Unlocking the power of software innovation for tomorrows subsea networks
  • Virtualising aspects of the network for greater flexibility, agility and reduction of costs
  • Developing multi-tiered systems to support infrastructure and services
  • Connecting the data centre to the cable through virtual software
  • Discovering the demand for virtualised unified communications and cloud based UCaaS
  • Identifying the new capacity drivers and the impact of 5G on international bandwidth consumption
Iwan B. Saputra, Vice President, Innovation & Business Development, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International - TelinIndonesia
Sep 1614:20
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Revolutionising the data centre

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Meeting the growing capacity demand with data centres
  • SDDC: built for the cloud
  • Optimising intercontinental data centre connectivity
  • Meeting the capacity demands of next-gen cloud users
  • Redefining the meaning of hubs
  • Debating the impact and opportunity in carrier neutral data centres
  • Identifying the regional data centre opportunities
Anjum Farooqui, Manager Data Center (ITMC & Submarine Network Operations), Emirates Integrated Telecommunication Company, DuUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1614:40
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Hyper-converged infrastructure: the rapid adoption

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Are converged solutions becoming the norm?
  • Discovering the impact of convergence
  • Removing the single ‘anchor’ network solutions provider with a combination of multiple interconnected partners
  • Taking a solution based approach for customer acquisition
  • Developing vendor neutral environments for accelerated growth in vertical and horizontal application ecosystemsReserved for sponsor
Sep 1615:00
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PANEL Installing critical infrastructure with surveying and route planning

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Increasing global PoPs with new installation of cables
  • Extending the lifespan of cable investment and maximising the cable investment potential with exhaustive marine surveying
  • Anticipating performance and reducing costs with technology
  • Improving network architecture and system design
  • Overcoming the challenges in standardisation for open system testing
  • Creating network diversity with new routes
  • Identifying challenges that have emerging, technological advances for success in harsh environments
Jamil Al Koussa, International Business Development, Sales & Procurement, OmantelOman
Sep 1615:20
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Too big to fail? Testing and monitoring the global cables

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Ensuring good health and minimise downtime through early detection of faults
  • Managing multiple cables to avoid potential connectivity failure
  • Reducing potential network defects with multiple test sets
  • Overcoming the challenges of commissioning, turning-up and troubleshooting 100G networks
  • Discussing the testing models for OSNR in open systems
  • Undersea intelligence: utilising machine learning, big data and AI to gain unique insights into existing network assets
Sep 1615:40
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Maintaining the cables that wire the world

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Relooking at maintenance models to achieve greater efficacy
  • Optimising and automating submarine networks for effective maintenance
  • Discussing the travel restrictions impacting engineer maintenance
  • Remotely testing end-to-end services to overcome manual maintenance
  • Extracting maximum value from networks through consistent and effective cable maintenanceReserved for sponsor
Sep 1616:00
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PANEL Industry 4.0: a world of new business models and markets

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Consortium, private or hybrid models?
  • Will consortiums remain the popular model or will we look to private and hybrid?
  • Exploring partnerships as a key driver in the modern era
  • Capitalising on business and technology opportunities that come with open networks
  • Overcoming the challenge of open cable systems with consistent upgrades
  • Ensuring operators benefit in partnerships
Abu Saeed Khan, Senior Policy Fellow, LIRNEasiaBangladesh
Pasquale Fiorillo, Head of Capacity Services, Marketing and Business Development, Telecom Italia SparkleItaly
Sep 1616:20
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Cost engineering: economic vs technical lifespan

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Budgeting, planning and monitoring investment projects
  • Driving down costs with effective cable lifespan management
  • Developing a futureproof strategy to match expected economic lifespan with appropriate cables
  • Powering the future with cost effective cable infrastructure systems
Sep 1616:40
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Structuring and financing subsea networks

Submarine Networks Middle East
  • Managing the costs of expanding capacity and reach
  • Ensuring RoI on new projects
  • Monetising subsea networks with innovative technology
  • Financing new routes by working with key stakeholders
  • Positioning new routes for network diversity and resiliency
  • Discovering the financial criteria to invest into subsea infrastructureReserved for sponsor

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Sep 1709:00
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GROUP CEO KEYNOTE PANEL Jumpstarting the digital drive as an innovative telco

  • Becoming the epicenter of innovation in the digital world
  • Adapting to thrive in the future telco ecosystem
  • Delivering the networks for IoT, digitisation and smart devices
  • Transforming business objectives to drive success in the digital era
  • Competing in the hyper-competitive TMT industry
  • Discussing the opportunities within online content, broadcasting and VoD
Ihab Hinnawi, Chief Executive Officer, Batelco GroupBahrain
Bocar Ba, CEO, SAMENA CouncilUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1709:20
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KEYNOTE PANEL Era of the broadcasters & content providers

  • Discovering the OTT players, broadcasters and content disruptors
  • Understanding the global shift from linear TV to On-Demand to Online
  • From content creators to distributors: how the new ecosystem is changing the game
  • Overcoming the regional and international challenges
  • Developing creative content across multiple platforms for the digital consumer
  • Utilising ‘digital ‘to reach new consumers and new markets
Martin Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, OSNUnited Arab Emirates
Raffaele Annecchino, President & Managing Director - Southern & Western Europe, Middle East & Africa, Viacom International Media NetworksSpain
Olivier Jollet, Managing Director Europe, Pluto TVGermany
Sep 1709:40
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KEYNOTE PANEL Start-up incubation: driving the digital telco

  • Reconstructing into a digital service provider and enabler
  • Accelerating disruption and industry collaboration with start-up innovation
  • Developing incubators and accelerators for internal and external innovation
  • Fundamentally changing business mindset, operations and governance
  • Identifying the start-up opportunities; content, broadcasting, satellites, VoD, MVNOs, OTTs, enterprise
  • Launching an innovation and enterprise arm to support start-up acceleration
Paul Doany, Chief Executive Officer, Turk TelekomTurkey
Sep 1710:00
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KEYNOTE Roadmap to the virtual network of the future

  • Striking a balance between minimising expenses and maximising market power
  • Discovering the meta-trends of SDN, NFV, SD-WAN and CloudVPN
  • Transforming legacy systems with end-to-end solutions
  • Leveraging SDN to define own networks and modify networks to support digital upgrades
  • Rethinking the data center with cloud infrastructure
  • Building flexible, cloud networks ready for IoTReserved for platinum sponsor
Sep 1711:20
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Carriers World
    Hear from the leading figures in the Middle Eastern wholesale industry as they discuss culture transformation, business strategy diversification and game-changing innovations in the new era of wholesale
  • Utlising the strategically located ME for wholesale success
  • Building the infrastructure at the crossroads of the East and West
  • Driving the ME to become the subsea terminal hub between Europe and the Far East
  • Discovering future investment and routes through the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and Persian Gulf
  • Fuelling cloud infrastructure in the Middle East through cloud infrastructure and subsea cable technologies
  • Identifying the new and existing cable systems in the Middle East
  • Partnering and collaborating with Middle Eastern operators and vendors
  • Discussing the impact of EXPO2020, KSA 2030 Vision, smart city initiatives and connectivity in the Middle East
Ahmed Abdel-Latif, Group Chief Wholesale Officer, BATELCOBahrain
Saad Odeh, Chief Wholesale Officer, VIVA BahrainBahrain
Ali Amiri, Group Chief Carrier & Wholesale Officer, EtisalatUnited Arab Emirates
Henri Kassab, Managing Director, International, Wholesale & Roaming, Zain GroupKuwait
Juan Colina, President, FTTH Council MENAJordan
Prateek Agarwal, Chief Wholesale Officer, TeO (Telecom Oman)Oman
Sep 1711:20
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PANEL Competing in a world of Amazons: from the disrupted to the disruptor

Media. TV. Content
  • Creating a unique, agile, consumer first enterprise to compete with the digital giants
  • Building the gateway to Gen-Z
  • Discovering the new role of user-generated content
  • Engaging social audiences to improve brand reach and customer connectivity
  • Driving viewership with “always on” content
  • Understanding the true drivers of consumption
Tunc Berkman, Chief Marketing Officer, VestelTurkey
Bhanu Chadha, Head of Business Planning - Digital Services, VoD Distribution, Pay-TV, Middle East Broadcasting CenterUnited Arab Emirates
Carlos Salim Tibi, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ICFLIXUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1711:20
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PANEL: Moving beyond omnichannel for the digital consumers

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Connecting the future with 50 billion devices
  • Engaging in a digital transformation project
  • Going beyond traditional digital channels: what’s next?
  • Driving cross-functional collaboration
  • Prioritising digital avenues for the digital customer
  • Blending digital and physical worlds
  • Transforming gen-z into loyal customers
Moderator: Lokesh Dadhich, Principal, Arthur D. LittleUnited Arab Emirates
Prince Thomas, Head of Product Management, Digital & New Business, Ooredoo - OmanOman
Karim Eid Tabbouche, Chief Commercial Officer, VIVA BahrainBahrain
Atef Helmy, Senior Advisor MEA, OrangeEgypt
Sep 1711:20
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Automating a ‘zero touch’ network

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Network orchestration: the key to automation
  • Developing dynamic networks with SDN & NFV
  • Arranging and coordinating automated tasks for network efficiency
  • Identifying priority tasks on an automated network
  • Understanding the cloud migration strategy for seamless network orchestration
  • Building a ‘lights out’ infrastructure with no human interaction
  • Operating with a cognitive network
Ayush Sharma, SVP Engineering and Technology, Reliance JioUnited States
Sep 1711:40
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Disrupting Live TV: the end of an era or start of a new beginning?

Media. TV. Content
  • Utilising the “last bastion” of traditional TV content as an opportunity
  • Monetising the increased CPE equipment in today’s homes
  • Discovering the new concepts of ‘live TV’ with ‘near live’, instant highlights and catch-up
  • Blurring the lines of live content with social media channels, VOD and online broadcasting
  • Identifying the opportunities for online live TV through 5G
Thomas Ashley, CEO, FlixflingUnited States
Sep 1711:40
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Channel blending: the new channel-less alternative

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Identifying the new demands of gen-z
  • Reducing the number of channels with channel pairing
  • Learning from the omni-natives
  • Ensuring each customer has access to their preferred channel
  • Making the connection seamless, ubiquitous and channel-less
  • Offering a one stop shop for consumers
  • Reducing decision fatigue with clear guidance on fewer channels
Justin Reilly, Head Customer Experience Innovation, Verizon FiosUnited States
Sep 1711:40
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Discovering the opportunity of SD-WAN

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Improving transportation options with flexibility
  • Securing the network with multiple appliances and integrated platforms
  • Steering traffic based on network variables
  • Automatically provisioning through SD-WAN
  • The future of SD-WAN: is Gen2 is here?
  • Discovering the opportunities - SaaS, NaaS, Cloud-WAN
Sep 1712:00
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Battle of the content apps

Media. TV. Content
  • Combining VOD services and live TV through broadcasting apps
  • Developing open or closed storefronts to offer 24/7 content
  • Creating revenue streams with mobile TV and on-demand services for a seamless user experience
  • Discovering the impact of OTT ‘direct to customer’ engagement
  • Establishing a multi-platform, multi-device content and broadcasting portfolio
Maaz Sheikh, Chief Executive Officer, STARZ PLAYUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1712:00
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Generation Z: The elusive group of consumers

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Understanding the behaviours of the emerging digital natives
  • Engaging with Gen Z to win their attention and their loyalty
  • Innovating with chatbots, seamless touch points and immersive technology
  • Building a future proof plan for the next generation of customers
  • Tapping into the untapped generation with forward thinking connected technology
Sep 1712:00
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Unlocking cloud transformation for 5G

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Identifying the stages of NFV to 5G implementation e.g.o Cloudification,o Migrationo OrchestrationoNetwork slicing
  • Enhancing networks with consistency and flexibility
  • Building a unified cloud infrastructure
  • Discovering the public, private and hybrid cloud opportunities
  • Learning from the cloud native OTT players
  • On the road to 5G cloudification with network slicing
  • 5G backhaul: microwave opportunity
Sep 1712:10
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Becoming the disruptor, not the disrupted

Media. TV. Content
  • Utilising data nimbly to respond to audience demands
  • Personalising experiences in a world of limitless choice and multiple players
  • Tapping into the collective needs of the consumer base with unique marketing campaigns
  • Introducing new tools and information to rule in a complex, globalized world
  • Identifying new relationship models in order to take creative risksReserved for sponsor
Sep 1712:10
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Replacing contact centres with robots

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Programming technology to be smarter than humans
  • Combining humans and robots with RPA
  • Providing front end representatives with contextual information, knowledge articles and real-time guidance
  • Revolutionising the customer service industry with trainable robotics
  • Robotic frustration vs human errorReserved for sponsor
Sep 1712:10
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Collaboration: the key to effective infrastructure and network management

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Collaborating the clouds through industry cooperation
  • Rethinking ‘competition’ with SDN & NFV
  • Advancing the industry with cross-organisational CI/CD pipeline
  • Identifying the critical players e.g. MANO, NFVO, VNFM, VIM
  • Leveraging partners to achieve software defined security
  • Reducing CAPEX and OPEX with supporting systems
  • Transforming legacy systems with VNFs in containers
  • Enabling cloud computing at the edge with MEC services
  • Untangling NFV complexities with operational intelligence
Sep 1712:20
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1. Transforming the TMT industry with content innovation
2. Revolutionising legacy networks with SDN & NFV
3. Omnidigital: streaming customer experiences
4. Overcoming the tech influx with smart regulation
5. Securing the explosion of devices
6. VR, AR, AI, Bots: where are we?
7. OnDemand: what does the future hold?
8. Utilising BSS/OSS systems to transform IT infrastructure
Sep 1714:20
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Carriers World
    The Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region is strategically located in the hub of connectivity linking the East to the West, the North to the South and Africa to the world. With over half of Africa’s population unconnected, endless silk road initiatives and numerous regional projects connecting continents through the region, the wholesale industry can now drive business in super-regional emerging markets. Join the panel discussing business strategy, regional opportunities and the future outlook on the super-region
  • Developing connectivity in new markets North Africa, Central & South Asia
  • Utlising existing infrastructure in emerging markets
  • Connecting the disconnected
  • Utilising the submarine network initiatives
  • Seeking attractive partnerships in untapped markets
  • Finding commercially viable markets with effective due diligence
  • Identifying the critical vulnerabilitiesin emerging markets
Ali Ben Abdallah, Head of International & Wholesale, Tunisie TelecomTunisia
Liu Changhai, Managing Director, China Telecom ( Middle East and Africa) LimitedHong Kong
Kiththi Perera, Group Chief Enterprise and Wholesale Officer, Sri Lanka Telecom PlcSri Lanka
Iwan B. Saputra, Vice President, Innovation & Business Development, PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International - TelinIndonesia
Antonio Nunes, Chief Executive Officer, Angola CablesAngola
Abu Saeed Khan, Senior Policy Fellow, LIRNEasiaBangladesh
Juanita Clark, Co-Founder &Chief Executive Officer, FTTH Council AfricaSouth Africa
Sep 1714:20
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PANEL: Bringing content innovation buzzwords to life

Media. TV. Content
  • Discussing the impacts of robotics, chatbots, virtual assistants and “the big bot battle”
  • Identifying network infrastructure as the platform for VR/AR, UHD streaming, and enhanced UX
  • Innovation vs stagnation
  • Partnering with telcos to utilise 5G as the key platform to driveinnovation and CX
  • Discovering new services available to consumers within content
  • Utilising the OTT data monopoly through machine learning and AI
  • Developing content for innovation demanding millennials
Ay?Em Ertopuz, Vice President Digital Services & Solutions, TurkcellTurkey
Sep 1714:20
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PANEL: Adventuring into a new era of customer experience

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Anticipating and predicting the future practices in CEM
  • Boosting CX with big data
  • Reducing costs of CEM with robotics and advanced automation
  • Discovering the cultural barriers of CEM
  • Using apps to create a personalised proactive and reactive customer experience
  • AR & VR outlook: CX moving to a virtual world?
Selda Korkmaz Bostancioglu, Chief Customer Care Officer, BakcellAzerbaijan
Nisreen Abu Hadba, Customer Experience & Quality Director, Orange JordanJordan
Kaveri Ingale, GM - Digital Customer Experience, Idea CellularIndia
Sep 1714:20
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PANEL: Redefining security for the IoT era

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Debating the international and regional standards
  • Discussing the significant effects of a security breach
  • Preparing a secure platform before the 2020 device explosion
  • Identifying and managing the weak spots of an all-encompassing IoT network
  • Embedding security into future innovative services
  • Understanding how much personal data will be online during the IoT era
  • Wearable technology – the new hidden threat
Sep 1714:40
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CASE STUDY Transforming the world of content and media

Media. TV. Content
  • Revolutionising regional content with TV and music
  • Partnering with the big techs to deliver content to the masses
  • Building effective partnerships with key telecom operators across the region and beyond
Moustapha Bekheet, CEO, PAM Inc.Egypt
Sep 1714:40
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AI & BOTS: Transforming CX & UX

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Incorporating robotics into CRM
  • Blurring the real and digital worlds with next level interaction
  • Utilising data collection for enhanced CX
  • Eliminating customer issues with proactive resolutions
  • Reducing man-power with data collecting machine
Uttam Kumar, Head of IT Innovations & New Technology, AircelIndia
Sep 1714:40
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Protecting customer data within the device explosion

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Transforming the challenge into an opportunity
  • Detecting stealthy and sophisticated advanced threats
  • Building a secure data strategy
  • Becoming proactive rather than reactive
  • Analysing the importance of implementing an automated threat intelligence systems
  • Exploring behavioural trends to identify security breaches
Sep 1715:00
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Case study: Telin: delivering a disruptive video distribution strategy

Media. TV. Content
  • Monetising a market where over 90% of free riders
  • Growing pay to play services with premium and ad-supported video
  • Developing the platforms to distribute premium contents
  • Launching new OTT platforms inside the telco for commercial success
Joddy Hernady, Senior Vice President, Media & Digital Business, PT Telekomunikasi IndonesiaIndonesia
Sep 1715:00
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Improving CX with digital marketing

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Learning to decipher the digital footprints of customers
  • Segmenting customers as a critical starting point
  • Moving from conceptualisation to reality
  • Personalising marketing for the new era of customers
  • Utilising all the channels available to the consumer to market effectively
Markus Golder, VP Marketing, STCSaudi Arabia
Sep 1715:00
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PANEL: Regulating the data that drives the 21st century

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Making use of the millennial digital footprint, fairly and effectively
  • Balancing control of data between the citizen and the telco
  • Regulating the connected, globalised world with consistent regulations
  • Overcoming customer fears with personal data constraints
  • Aligning regulations to build a fair playing field for business success
  • Introducing AI Ministers for the 4th industrial revolution
Sam Blatteis, Previous Google Head of Public Policy and Government Affairs GCC & CEO, The MENA Tech BriefUnited Arab Emirates
Ammar Hamadien, Head of Strategic Engagement, GSMAUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1715:10
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AI: the data hungry machine keen to learn

Media. TV. Content
  • Developing meaningful metadata from large content and broadcasting portfolios
  • Building the infrastructure to extract and exploit
  • Evolving machine learning with neural networks
  • Debating the promise of unprecedented capabilities and efficiencies
  • Discovering object and data based media
  • Understanding consumption patterns in real time through audience management and personalised offeringsReserved for sponsor
Sep 1715:10
Conference pass

Optimising CX with deep customer insights

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Improving mobile apps with frictionless, tailored experiences
  • Enhancing CX across platforms with insightful reports
  • Identifying user interaction and intent
  • Increasing cross-team collaboration with a single interface
  • Understanding specific customer trends for journey orchestration
  • Using NPS and CSAT data effectively with specific reporting
Hany Mokhtar, VP Customer Experience, MobilySaudi Arabia
Sep 1715:10
Conference pass

Regtech: Smart regulation for a smart future

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Supporting industry advancements with private and public regulation platforms
  • Building an environment fostering growth
  • Aligning technological advancements with up to date regulations
  • Discussing the TRA Smart Transformation for the UAE Vision 2021
  • Becoming technologically neutral in the connected world
  • Carmakers vs Telco’s: the European debate
  • Reinventing regulations with algorithms, data analytics and machine learning in mind
  • Detecting reportable matters and predicting problems
  • Saving costs with automated compliance processing
Sep 1715:20
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Carriers World
    The Internet of Things is changing the game and not just for retail operators. With digital opportunities come a broader competitive landscape, new entrants and emerging markets. How can carriers become digitally savvy and offer new services to stay ahead? Is content/OTT an opportunity or a hurdle? Join our forward-thinking panel as they discuss what the future holds in the digital world, what this means for wholesale and how embracing the digital era can bring business success
  • Discovering the decline of voice with diversification into digital services
  • Monetising IoT services
  • Upgrading networks to take advantage of the impending IoT boom
  • Building secure, reliable and effective networks which are imperative for IoT
  • Identifying the opportunities with wholesale big data collection
  • Developing a mutually beneficial partnership with OTT/content providers
  • Facilitating high quality services for content providers with elastic networks
  • Using regional smart city initiatives as revenue building opportunities
Atef Helmy, Senior Advisor MEA, OrangeEgypt
Allam Elkarmi, Regional Managing Director, VerizonUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1715:20
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PANEL: The consumer has the power

Media. TV. Content
  • Discovering the consumer entertainment revolution
  • Developing new strategies to capitalise on the OnDemand revolution
  • Discovering the shift in consumer behaviour – high volume/high quality
  • Embracing consumer choice
  • Ensuring reliability, seamless experience, subscribing ease to stand out from the crowd
Tarek Mounir, Vice President & General Manager MENAT, Turner Broadcasting System ArabiaUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1715:20
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PANEL: The unknown future of AI

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Looking beyond the use cases of robotics and chatbots within telecommunications
  • Utilising AI to mirror the physical world in a virtual world to make predictions
  • Overcoming cross industry issues with artificial intelligence – healthcare, legal, finance, CX, workforce
  • Where does AI go as it moves from infancy to maturity within telecoms?
  • Discovering the realistic use cases of AI in the next 10 years
Nrks Chakravarthy, Vice President Service Excellence, Reliance JioIndia
Sep 1715:20
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PANEL: Surviving the next wave of disruption

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Identifying the new network innovators such as Google Fi, Amazon and Facebook
  • Utilising BSS to effectively manage the key cornerstones of daily business
  • Emergence of smaller carriers in the network industry
  • Overcoming the innovators bypassing traditional Telco’s with “dark fibre”
  • Tech companies’ vs Telco’s in becoming the new oligopoly
  • Being successful in the “battle of the networks”
  • Combining mobile and fixed IP networks for end-to-end customer solutions
  • Developing the infrastructure for 5G, cloudscape, virtualisation and IoT applications
Wajeeh Anwer, EVP Technical, P.T.C.L.Pakistan
Craig van Rooyen, Executive Head: Technology Effectiveness & Transformation, VodacomSouth Africa
Gaurav Thaney, General Manager 4G, LTE Business & Products, Reliance JioIndia
Sep 1715:40
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Borderless content and endless reach

Media. TV. Content
  • The power of local – how local content and preferences drive success
  • Creating sustainable content in a world of free content
  • Pushing the boundaries in new cultures, regions, time zones and multiple devices
  • Utlising the evolution of 5G to remove content borders
  • Competing with the ‘border immune’ OTTs
Christian Toksvig, Chief Business Development Officer, iflixUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1715:40
Conference pass

Digital platforms: what the future really holds

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Recognizing the importance of data and content
  • Changing behaviors of consumption through mobile devices
  • Moving from consumer devices to entertainment and sports
  • Innovating across platforms
  • Normalizing future predictions for digital platforms
Faraz Shafiq, Global Head of Big Data & AI, VerizonUnited States
Sep 1715:40
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5G: a new era begins

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • How far are we off 5G implementation?
  • Supporting the vast diversity of devices with unprecedented scale, speed and complexity
  • Ensuring high bandwidth, low latency connections
  • Assuring dynamic services at fibre level, layer 2 and IP layer
  • Opening multi-vendor systems
  • Testing virtual controllers, orchestrators, OSS/BSS and external systems for network success
Saleem Alblooshi, Chief Infrastructure Officer, duUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1716:00
Conference pass

Middle East VoD: A cultural content opportunity

Media. TV. Content
  • Global OTTs: threat or opportunity? Friend or foe?
  • Building business relationships in the Middle East
  • Identifying Ramadan as a huge opportunity in the region
  • Embracing the growing number of expats and migrants
  • Combining local and international content for the diverse population
  • Owning original content as well as the distribution rights
Tareq Abu-Lughod, Co-Founder, IstikanaJordan
Sep 1716:00
Conference pass

Algorithms: the dark secret of AI

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Is AI now shaping human intelligence?
  • Approaching a stage where AI becomes intangible, indistinguishable and incomprehensible
  • Discovering the danger of AI and using this as a business advantage
  • Identifying the unknowing nature of the deep learning ‘dark hole’
  • Utilising unpredictable and inscrutable machines effectively
Nicholas Oliver, Founder & CEO, people.ioUnited Kingdom
Sep 1716:00
Conference pass

Cloudscape: claiming a seat at the new TMT table

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Should telcos be cloud providers or cloud enablers?
  • Driving the virtualisation of the industry in the digital market
  • Investing in cloud research and development
  • Accessing and securing cloud data with cloud-ops
  • Meeting governmental policy objectives with cloudscape
  • Building intelligent, programmable and scalable software defined infrastructure
  • Satellite vs fibre optic?
Craig van Rooyen, Executive Head: Technology Effectiveness & Transformation, VodacomSouth Africa
Sep 1716:10
Conference pass

Launching OTT & VoD in emerging markets

Media. TV. Content
  • Finding the opportunity in the way people consume and enjoy content
  • Meeting the needs of increasingly connected viewers
  • Delivering premium VOD at a price everyone can afford
  • Exporting content for the digital age
Steven Turner, Chief Executive Officer, SimulTVUnited States
Sep 1716:10
Conference pass

Accelerating digital transformation through AI

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Driving deep learning in data centres, the cloud and on devices
  • Building the platform for natural language generation technology and speech recognition
  • Developing hardware to be AI-optimised
  • Identifying the roadmap to become an AI ready, digital telco
  • Creating digital twins for business intelligence and innovationReserved for sponsor
Sep 1716:10
Conference pass

Evolving BSS/OSS initiatives

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Tackling fixed/mobile convergence, service configurability and reduction in functional redundancies
  • Creating new customer engagement capabilities
  • Changing the architectural patterns of BSS/OSS to support the new business environment
  • Learning from OTTs, digital natives to provide reliable services
  • Introducing SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and integration of new applications with DevOps
  • Updating legacy systems to survive in the new environment
Loukas Tzitzis, Chief Products & Marketing Officer, NexignRussian Federation
Sep 1717:00
Conference pass

KEYNOTE: Always connected, always protected: securing Gen-Z

  • Enabling technology innovation with watertight cybersecurity
  • Protecting structured and unstructured data collection in the quantified economy
  • Capturing the data of millions of devices in the connected world securely
  • Collaborating across the industry for better protection
  • Enabling the digital possibilities with effective infrastructure
  • Smart innovation and technology: eliminating the fearReserved for platinum sponsor
Sep 1717:20
Conference pass

KEYNOTE PANEL: Driving change with future proof networks and disruptive technologies

  • Building a future proof network ready for innovative technology
  • Changing the way that we live and work with IoT, robotics, VR and AI
  • Placing telecoms at the forefront of the future digital society
  • Capturing the data from the millions of devices in the connected world
  • Crunching and correlating data with machine learning
  • Securing the technology with future proof cybersecurity
Karan Ponnudurai, Chief Digital Officer, Batelco GroupBahrain
Milan Jovancic, Acting CEO & Group CTO, TeO (Telecom Oman)Oman
Babak Fouladi, Group Chief Technology and Information Officer, MTN GroupSouth Africa

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Sep 1809:00
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KEYNOTE Envisioning the future of robotics

  • Preparing for the global race towards 5G and digital transformation
  • Embracing the influx of tech with AI, VR and AR
  • Driving the surge towards living technology and smart homes
  • Skyrocketing productivity with automation and machine learning
  • Can robotics revolutionise content, satellites, broadcasting and VoD?
  • Meshing devices for the internet-connected reality
  • Introducing digitisation to education and healthcare
Sep 1809:30
Conference pass

CEO KEYNOTE PANEL Digital inclusion: connecting the next billion

  • Contributing to governmental, national and regional projects with unparalleled connectivity
  • Becoming the platform for the future connected consumer
  • Collaboration as the key to digital inclusion
  • Disaggregation of the value chain: new players, MNOs, MVNOs, government
  • Capitalising on existing customer base v finding new customer segments
Daniel Ritz, President & CEO, P.T.C.L.Pakistan
Nikolai Beckers, Chief Executive Officer, BakcellAzerbaijan
Salah Zerguerras, CEO, Etisalat Sri Lanka and Etisalat AfghanistanAfghanistan
Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer, Grameenphone LtdNorway
Karim Khoja, Chief Executive Officer, Roshan TelecomAfghanistan
Sep 1809:50
Conference pass

KEYNOTE PANEL Mapping out the new ecosystem: where do telcos fit?

  • Playing a key role in the future of TMT innovation
  • Debating the role of MNOs, MVNOs, OTTs and innovators in the TMT sphere
  • Discovering the rise of virtual operators, content providers and disruptors within telecommunications
  • Competition in the fast-changing, hypercompetitive marketplace
  • Resurrecting legacy services, revolutionising bundling, offering OTT to remain relevant
  • Collaborating with all industry players for business success
  • Driving telecoms back to the highs of the early millennium
Mikkel Vinter, Founder & Director, Virgin Mobile Middle East & AfricaUnited Arab Emirates
Ahmad Al Hanandeh, CEO, Zain JordanJordan
Ameen Amaendran Abdullah, CEO, TuneTalkMalaysia
Sep 1810:10
Conference pass

KEYNOTE: From telcos to IT providers: competing in the broader TMT industry

  • Building a IT based business model
  • Expanding beyond the core business model
  • Focalising and segregating your model to manage technology innovation
  • Integrating vertically with a flexible structure, open to change
  • Focusing on creating a new, untraditional, innovative cultureReserved for platinum sponsor
Sep 1811:20
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Carriers World
    A cross-industry drive towards a modern network is changing the network game. The buzzwords of ‘cloud’ and ‘virtual’ are revolutionising the traditional legacy networks and with new networks comes opportunity. Wholsale carriers, cloud service providers, vendors and alliances are working together to drive the technology required for global interconnectivity. Join us as the leading experts debate the opportunities in the cloud and how to overcome the challenges arising from constant connectivity with virtual platforms
  • Establishing the true potential of SDN & NFV for carriers
  • Changing legacy systems with SDN
  • Determining the steps towards a functional and guarenteed SDN
  • Facilitating greater cloud adpotion through learning from the mature cloud hubs
  • Building a cohesive network ecosystem with alliances
  • Administering greater global connectivity whilst improving traffic flow, meeting capacity demands and reducing latency
  • Discovering the common pitfalls and shortcomings of collaboration
Bernhard Pusch, Head of Carrier Sales – EMEA, TelstraUnited Kingdom
Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice President of International Connectivity & Infrastructure, duUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1811:20
Conference pass

PANEL: “Monetising eyeballs”: the battle for consumers attention

Media. TV. Content
  • Using data to enhance revenue and manage audience
  • Using the growing demand for eSports as a huge revenue opportunity
  • Developing revenue from the constant, cross platform content
  • Creating a compelling and secure android PayTV proposition for STBs
  • Going beyond OTT to “Smart-IP fication”
  • Encouraging a profitable content industry across the value chain
  • Partnering to distribute content effectively
Aasif Inam, Executive Vice President of Product and Pricing, P.T.C.L.Pakistan
Sep 1811:20
Conference pass

PANEL: MVNO global explosion: still ongoing?

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Growing market share by partnering with local operators
  • Going international with virtual service
  • Offering cheaper prices for consumers
  • Losing brand or gaining revenue for MNOs?
  • Opening up networks with regulatory change
  • Identifying the global success stories of MVNOs
  • Discovering the impact of IoT and LTE on MVNOs
  • Capturing the travelling population with LTE roaming
Fadi Kawar, Chief Executive Officer, Lebara Mobile KSASaudi Arabia
Milan Jovancic, Acting CEO & Group CTO, TeO (Telecom Oman)Oman
Nicholas Constantinopoulos, President, FreedomPop InternationalUnited States
Sep 1811:20
Conference pass

PANEL B2B: igniting the new telco value engine

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Enterprise: the wayforward for telco’s?
  • Increasing revenue in abroad range of industries
  • Providing branded content, financial services, lifestyle services and e-commerce services
  • Taking advantage of the existing central position in distribution
  • Driving B2B strategy with enterprise investment
  • Focusing on both SMEs and large enterprises for business success
  • Relieving the traditional pressure put on B2C with complimentary B2B revenue streams
Jose Lopez-Villen, Director of Digital Services & Strategic Partnerships, duUnited Arab Emirates
Malek Hammoud, Executive Director Strategy & Business Development, ZainKuwait
Edmund Barwuah, Head of Mobile Financial Services, Airtel GhanaGhana
Alaa Zaher, Head of Strategy and Innovation, VodafoneEgypt
Sammy Tuffaha, Director Solutions Marketing Digital Payments and eCommerce, Etisalat - UAEUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1811:40
Conference pass

CASE STUDY Afrostream: connecting through content

Media. TV. Content
  • Choosing the right model with telco partnerships
  • Looking at AVOD, SVOD and TVOD as potential business models
  • Developing premium content for unconnected consumers
  • Leveraging communities across emerging markets to monetise content streams
Tonje Bakang, Co-Founder & CEO, AfrostreamFrance
Sep 1811:40
Conference pass

The new telecom ecosystem – where do we fit in

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Disrupting the markets with cost effective virtual networks
  • Looking at MNOs, MVNOs, MVNAs and MVNEs as alternative business models
  • Identifying the new stakeholders – IT, banking, payments, OTTs
  • Endorsing healthy competition within the industry
  • Engaging with the customer centered paradigm to remain relevant
Sep 1811:40
Conference pass

Discovering the “opportunity treadmill”

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Moving from traditional B2B services to digital B2B services
  • Balancing legacy and new services effectively
  • Maximising existing services, expanding to the broader market and identifying new opportunities
  • Striding towards cloud and managed services with digital B2B solutions
  • Balancing legacy and new services
Adil Rashid, Chief Digital Services Officer, P.T.C.L.Pakistan
Sep 1812:00
Conference pass

Dynamic re-bundling for the new viewer

Media. TV. Content
  • Personalising offerings by device and attention span
  • Reacting to changing consumer habits
  • Offering local or international content for your consumer base
  • Identifying key customer segments with effective analytics and marketing
  • Lowering costs and increasing customer numbers with ‘skinny’ bundles
  • Collaborating across the industry with multi-platform bundling
Sep 1812:00
Conference pass

Virtually mobile: driving MVNO success

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Deciding on the business model:o Branded resellero Service providero Light MVNOo Full MVNO
  • Utilising existing marketing assets and branding
  • Targeting specific customer clusters with a clear VP
  • Striving for network excellence with little control
  • Developing the right strategy in the regulatory environment
  • Identifying target segments with tailored products
Sep 1812:00
Conference pass

Inspiring the digital sector with start-up incubators

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Supporting the industry revolution with innovation incubators
  • Taking control of R&D with internal and external innovation
  • Collaborating with key stakeholders to drive digital initiatives
  • Supporting key developments with existing telco infrastructure
  • Revitalising traditional telcos with a start-up culture
  • Capturing entrepreneurs and overcoming the digital skills gap
Karan Ponnudurai, Chief Digital Officer, Batelco GroupBahrain
Sep 1812:10
Conference pass

Driving revenues with unparalleled digital marketing

Media. TV. Content
  • Pushing CX, UX and marketing to the front of the business
  • Competing with the digital natives with a competitive USP
  • Targeting millennials and GenZ with a diverse marketing strategy
  • Creating an holistic view of consumers with omnichannel marketing
  • Understanding the difference between UX and CX for effective consumer managementReserved for sponsor
Sep 1812:10
Conference pass

Penetrating the saturated market as a MVNO

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Rolling out multiple digital services
  • Differentiating VP in a saturated market
  • Relying on MVNEs to offer dynamic and robust networks
  • Deploying infrastructure virtually
  • Increasing ARPU through higher service availability
  • Personalising tariffs based on client segmentsReserved for sponsor
Sep 1812:10
Conference pass

Transforming telco inventory with enterprise solutions

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Delivering ICT solutions and services to new industries
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure to cater or the region’s growing digital demand
  • Offering a variety of digital, managed and cloud services for multiple enterprises
  • Playing a central role in national, regional and international digital transformationReserved for sponsor
Juergen Hase, CEO Unlimit, Reliance GroupIndia
Sep 1812:20
Conference pass


1. Digital inclusion: collaborating throughout the TMT industry
2. Renovating the competitive landscape with MVNOs
3. Is the future of telco success in B2B enterprise?
4. Retail blockchain and the role of the telco
Kumar Prasoon, Group CIO, Century Malls, Safeer GroupUnited Arab Emirates
5. Managing network services through virtualized platforms
6. Monetising VAS and digital content throughout the customer journey
Barry Moroney, Head of Middle East, TINTUnited Arab Emirates
7. Transforming unloyal customers in to loyal promoters
8. Bridging the skills gap within the TMT industry
Sep 1814:20
Conference pass


Carriers World
    The wholesale industry is going through a revolution and its exciting! Fresh competition, diversification opportunities and next generation networks are allowing carriers to look towards partnerships and collaboration to drive technology innovation. Carriers must pioneer or perish in the ever-changing carrier landscape, overcoming challenges on a daily basis. Wholesale leaders will be discussing the hottest topics in industry partnerships, diversification and collaboration.
  • Debating the opportunities of collaboration
  • Overcoming the challenge of OTTs
  • Growing engagement with broadcasters, CSPs and next generation content providers for future success
  • Building or buying? The key ingredients for global success
  • Building a forward-thinking culture with continuous R&D innovation
Tonje Bakang, Co-Founder & CEO, AfrostreamFrance
Sep 1814:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Delivering more, spending less: developing media rich broadcasting

Media. TV. Content
  • Employing ubiquitous coverage with high bandwidth for HDTV and UHD
  • Remaining at the forefront of linear TV, whilst complimenting VoD
  • Moving from a B2B to B2C business model successfully
  • Becoming successful in the demanding era of IP connectivity
  • Leveraging a high-speed broadband connectivity for rich media and broadcasting
  • Responding to ad-hoc and periodic media demands
  • Combatting globalisation with flexible and number networks
Sep 1814:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Blockchain: overhyped buzz word or real-deal telecom technology?

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Can blockchain reinvent telecoms?
  • Discovering the role blockchain can play in the TMT industry
  • Identifying the position of telcos in the blockchain wave
  • Capitalising on the blockchain technology through investment and start-up innovation
  • Identifying the use cases of blockchain
  • Exploring the “infinite opportunity platform”
  • Saving costs and streamlining operations
Dr. Sohail Munir, Advisor – Emerging Technologies & Smart City Innovation, Dubai Smart GovernmentUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1814:20
Conference pass

PANEL: What does our future smart world look like?

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • From theory to reality: driving smart living forward
  • Going beyond smart devices with real artificial and adaptive intelligence
  • Connecting the 50 billion devices to networks
  • Developing hyper-intelligent systems: connecting everyone, everywhere, at all times
  • Building the future smart world with heterogeneous networks
  • Exploring mobile ready services e.g. mHealth, mEducation etc.
Abdellatif Bouziani, Group CEO, Smart Telecom East AfricaUnited Republic Of Tanzania
Sep 1814:40
Conference pass

OnDemand & linear: combining the best of both worlds

Media. TV. Content
  • Serving homes which remain beyond the range of DTT reception
  • Collaborating with OTT players
  • Distributing services to terrestrial DTT networks
  • Complimenting terrestrial coverage through DTH broadcasting
  • Taking advantage of the TV market across the super-region
  • Analysing reception platforms across all services
  • Can fibre be used for live streaming?
Sep 1814:40
Conference pass

Reinvigorating services with the revolutionary technology

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Eliminating the costs associated with SIMS and ID
  • Automatically triggering roaming packages with micro-contracts
  • Optimising ID management through instantaneous and automated processes
  • Enabling 5G with a new generation of access technology
  • Embracing blockchain to offer new revenue streams i.e. Identity as a service
  • Leveraging blockchain for payment services
Goncalo Fernandes, Head of IoT & M2M, duUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1814:40
Conference pass

Connected & driverless cars: the billion-dollar opportunity

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • The need for ultra-fast networks for safety and security
  • Developing cloud infrastructure, services and connectivity from a single source
  • Collaborating with automotive companies to capitalise on the emerging lucrative market
  • Evaluating the potential of connected carso On-board diagnosticso Wearableso E-coachingo In-car data collection
  • Overcoming the issue of privacy with next generation connectivity – rewarding the customer
Mukund Menda, Head of MENA, Civil MapsUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1815:00
Conference pass

Connecting the unconnected through Megaconstellations

Media. TV. Content
  • Launching small satellites into low orbit to offer fibre-like broadband services
  • Blanketing the entire planet with small satellites to connect the unserved
  • Discovering the case studies
Christian Von Der Ropp, Director, Terrestrial Networks, A Human RightUnited States
Sep 1815:00
Conference pass

Securing industry 4.0 with blockchain technology

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Removing subscriber and ID fraud concerns
  • Delivering immediate identity checks and authentication
  • Engaging in micro-contracts and contract verification
  • Sharing key information for easier and faster identification
  • Connecting millions of devices securely and error free
  • Building trust with a single platform
Dr. Sohail Munir, Advisor – Emerging Technologies & Smart City Innovation, Dubai Smart GovernmentUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1815:00
Conference pass

Shaping the future with smart home connectivity

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Discovering the role of Telco’s in future home connectivity
  • Transforming the everyday lives of customers with digital services
  • Voice + AI: the new interaction paradigm
  • Building blocks of the smart connected homes:o Home networkingo Entertainmento Digital securityo Surveillance & monitoringo Voice + AI
Carlos Fernandes Casares, Director of Digital Services, Telefonica DigitalSpain
Sep 1815:10
Conference pass

Transforming the TMT industry with MEO satellites

Media. TV. Content
  • Delivering carrier grade services for telcos, MNOs, enterprises, broadcasters and ISPs
  • Reducing latency with fibre-like connectivity to people and businesses
  • Supporting the exponential demand for connectivity
  • Launching new satellites into the sky and increasing the constellations
Sep 1815:10
Conference pass

Transforming telecoms by activating blockchain networks

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Integrating platforms to accelerate the creation of a global blockchain network
  • Providing the framework for future services with blockchain technologies
  • Utilising blockchain across core network infrastructure, VAS and cybersecurity platforms
  • Analysing the value proposition and RoI in blockchain investmentReserved for sponsor
Sep 1815:10
Conference pass

Voice control: everywhere, always

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Developing voice recognition and AI to a new level of sophistication
  • Discovering the evolution of NLP directly on audio data
  • Playing a key role in multiple sectors with virtual assistants
  • Building personal profiles with voice print analytics
  • Securing voice controlled machinery
  • Monetising voice through innovative technologyReserved for sponsor
Sep 1815:20
Conference pass


Carriers World
    IoT, data and global connectivity opens the window for cyber attacks. The nature of attacks causes havoc on business and consumers, especially in the digital era. The more interconnected we become, the more dependent we become on global connectivity. The potential repercussions of cyber attacks are increasing with the new services carriers are offering and the time is now to create a watertight network to prevent intrusion. Join the final panel of the conference as they discuss how the emerging technologies can be secured and how innovation can be complimented with a secure platform.
  • Identifying the unique position of wholesale carriers to drive revenues from cyber security services
  • Realising the repercussions of cyber attacks
  • Utilising R & D to overcome cyber threats
  • Combining new network technology with cloud security
  • Blockchain: a trusted opportunity for wholesale carriers?
  • Securing the future network with predictive analytics and network management
Mohamed Tangasawi, Telecom Wholesale Adviser, ConsultantSudan
Sep 1815:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Safety in numbers: collaborating to secure content

Media. TV. Content
  • Collaborating across the ecosystem: regulators, telco’s, broadcasters, media and OTTs
  • Utilising AI to prevent cyber attacks
  • Discussing the IP protection policy across the region
  • Assessing anti-piracy strategies and cybersecurity technologies to protect content IP
Sep 1815:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Winning the battle for customer loyalty

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Standing out from the crowd with customer service and satisfaction
  • Looking beyond traditional CX metrics e.g. NPS
  • Considering the entire customer journey with every interaction
  • Making business decisions from targeted follow-up questions
  • Understanding the key decision factors for the millennial customer
  • Focusing on CEM & CRM for competitive advantage
Cahyadi Poernomo, Group Head of Customer Value Management, Indosat OoredooIndonesia
Sep 1815:20
Conference pass

PANEL: Developing a start-up culture with incubation and a future-ready workforce

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Promoting technological innovation
  • Driving forward B2B incubation with tech-forward HR
  • Supporting external customers through an innovative workforce
  • Combining start-up incubation with a forward-thinking workforce
  • Becoming a start-up internally and externally
  • Discovering start-ups, M&As and partnerships as a future revenue stream
  • Investing now, ready for the future
Sep 1815:40
Conference pass

Fighting content piracy in the digital era

Media. TV. Content
  • Discovering the effects on the entire TV, content and media ecosystem
  • Securing content through digital watermarking
  • Overcoming the wave of illegal OTT boxes
  • Understanding the impact of piracy on the entire TMT industry
  • Identifying customer attitudes
Naser Refaat, CTO, Rotana Media GroupSaudi Arabia
Sep 1815:40
Conference pass

Creating brand loyal millennials

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Moving from a network first to mobile first loyalty scheme
  • Implementing loyalty offers and reward systems
  • Making value added interactions with millennials and Gen-Z
  • Offering a ‘personal touch’ with B2C interactions
  • Going beyond conventional loyalty methods to attract disloyal consumers
  • Competing for the hyper-connected customer
Sep 1815:40
Conference pass

Developing critical skills for the new telco economy

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Changing mindsets within the traditional telco
  • Revolutionising the skills required in the modern era
  • Is acqui-hiring a realistic opportunity?
  • Collaborating and thinking creatively
  • Building a culture to drive innovation and success
  • Driving an innovative culture from the top
  • Constructing a strategy to drive change throughout the business
Nicolai Tillisch, Co-Founder, Deliberate DevelopmentUnited Arab Emirates
Sep 1816:00
Conference pass

Blockchain: the buzz word is coming to content & broadcasting

Media. TV. Content
  • Securing content through cryptography
  • Creating digital identities to capture consumption data
  • Discovering P2P validation with digital tokens
  • How far are we off blockchain coming to TMT?
Sep 1816:00
Conference pass

Utilising disruption management to gain loyalty

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Using data, communications and transparency for customer trust
  • Eliminating issues through department collaboration
  • Adapting the traditional mindset e.g. billing departments, complains departments
  • Linking NPS to customer behaviour patterns for a better understanding
  • Removing wait times with a combination of man power and machine power
Sep 1816:00
Conference pass

Revitalising telecoms with M&As and partnerships

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Focusing on strength and expertise whilst tapping into unfamiliar markets
  • Balancing distinctiveness with partnerships to successful transform telecoms
  • Offering a one-stop-shop for your consolidated customer base
  • Mitigating churn and expanding service offerings with M&A
  • Striking the right balance with the regulators
  • Looking at the new industry players such as OTTs, content providers, subnets, satellite services
  • Analysing SMEs for growth
Bassem Nassif, Senior Marketing Manager, VAS Content & Partnerships, Orange EgyptEgypt
Sep 1816:10
Conference pass

Protecting content from production to consumption

Media. TV. Content
  • Developing content on a secure platform
  • Enhancing existing defence infrastructure with specialised content security
  • Detecting and mitigating the threat to avoid consumer disruptionReserved for sponsor
Sep 1816:10
Conference pass

Building the platform for digital engagement and loyalty

Telecoms World Stream 1
  • Creating a loyalty program fit for today’s digital world
  • Implementing loyalty software dedicated to rewarding customers
  • Developing omnichannel functionality
  • Integrating innovative loyalty programs into legacy systems
  • Measuring the customer journey with data analytics
  • Combining loyalty programs with core commerce and marketing channelsReserved for sponsor
Sep 1816:10
Conference pass

Developing a network investment strategy

Telecoms World Stream 2
  • Deciding on a strategy for investing in tomorrow’s telecom networks
  • Deciding the best RoI whilst capturing the most powerful fixed/mobile synergies
  • Looking towards the investment options in the access network
  • Combatting declining growth, shrinking margins and intensifying competition
Sacha Dudler, GM Corporate Performance, Saudi Telecom CompanySaudi Arabia
last published: 10/Jul/18 13:15 GMT