Telecoms World Middle East Conference day 2


Panel discussion

CEO Keynote Panel: The new telecom ecosystem – where do telcos fit in?

  •     Uncovering the new digital ecosystem
  •     Identifying the new stakeholders – IT, banking, payments, content providers
  •     Endorsing healthy competition in the industry
  •     Engaging with the customer centred paradigm to remain relevant
Mark Britt

Keynote: OTTs – friend or foe?

  •     Collaborating and building relationships with OTTs
  •     Partnerships or compete? 
  •     Turning free riders into customers
  •     Recouping large network investment through strategic relationships 
  •     Demanding quality, service and profits
  •     Understanding OTT distribution needs
  •     How can regulation bring change?
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Regulating the new world of telecommunications

  •     Discovering the new role for regulators in the telco ecosystem 
  •     Embracing the data revolution
  •     Securing billions of connected devices 
  •     Encouraging innovation with a long-term regulation strategy  
  •     Understanding the new era of partnerships and collaboration
  •     Regtech for 5G and IoT 
Panel discussion

Keynote Panel: Reacting to the role of MVNOs in the mobile landscape

  •     Discovering the advantages and opportunities that MVNOs bring
  •     Focusing on network strength 
  •     Reaching new market segments, specific consumer groups and niches
  •     Diversifying without changing your core values
  •     Building a win-win partnership through commercialising low-end offers
  •     Constructing cross-industry partnerships 

Keynote: Cloudscape: claiming a seat at the table

  •     Should telcos be cloud providers or cloud enablers? 
  •     Driving the virtualisation of the industry in the digital market
  •     Investing in cloud research and development
  •     Accessing and securing cloud data with cloud-ops 
  •     Meeting governmental policy objectives with cloudscape
  •     Developing a culture of smart people for the smart world Enquire to sponsor

Networking break


Morning tea

11.20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below








    ctivity between Europe, Africa, India and Asia provides the opportunity for carriers to be the key gateway. With China and Europe being key players in TMT, the opportunity for wholesale carriers to collaborate on the Silk Road and be a key player in building the bridge of connectivity, is now at its greatest. 
  •     Leveraging revenue and growth through interconnectivity
  •     Sharing infrastructure and collaborating in the silk road initiative 
  •     Seeking attractive partnerships investment incentives along the silk road
  •     Unlocking the potential of Iran; the new hub of connectivity between Central Asia, Pakistan, Turkey and Europe 
  •     Finding alternative terrestrial transit routes through Eurasia 
  •     Discovering where the opportunities lie
Mahesh Jaishankar, Vice President of International Connectivity & Infrastructure, du
Abu Saeed Khan, Senior Policy Fellow, LIRNEasia

Revitalising your company with M&A

  •     Focusing on strength and expertise whilst tapping into unfamiliar markets
  •     Developing a M&A strategy
  •     Acquihiring in the new era
  •     Offering a one-stop-shop for your consolidated customer base
  •     Mitigating churn and expanding service offerings with M&A
  •     Striking the right balance with the regulators

Role of the regulator

  •     The growing role of the regulator in the new era
  •     Being technologically neutral
  •     Embracing innovation
  •     Creating a level playing field 

Developing a future proof digital strategy with partnerships

  •     Collaborating with third parties in a digital world 
  •     Understanding the different approaches to partner 
  •     Building services ready for digitisation 
  •     Leveraging the most cutting edge technological developments 
  •     Ensuring digital services investments and partnerships coexist with the traditional telco business

Unravelling the privacy v personalisation paradox

  •     Providing a clear scope for telco innovation
  •     Personalisation vs privacy
  •     Dealing with the upsurge in data collection
  •     Embracing the data opportunity
  •     Adapting regional data laws to the new era of data collection 
Ahmed Nour, Head Customer Experience & Service Transformation, Vodafone Qatar

Investing through mobile network sharing

  •     Discovering active and passive network sharing
  •     Understanding the importance of the pricing model
  •     Incorporating existing 2G and 3G networks for 4G/LTE success 
  •     Debating the issues and advantages of contracts within network sharing  

Regulation for the device explosion

  •     Building an environment fostering growth 
  •     Creating a revolutionary platform for innovation and enterprise
  •     Nurturing innovation with a flexible and agile regulatory strategy 
  •     Constructing a long-term regulatory plan to create a technological hub 

Keeping your ‘enemies’ close with strategic relationships

  •     Forming excellent relationships across the value chain
  •     Grasping the expansion of IoT and scope to form relationships 
  •     Avoiding M&A investment and building your own marketplace of services
  •     Cloud partnerships
  •     Remaining relevant in a constantly evolving connected environment
  •     Working with the new era of key stakeholders Enquire to sponsor

Regtech for the future

  •     Utilising predictive robotics to solve regulatory issues proactively 
  •     Creating a agile and flexible system to analyse data and prepare reports 
  •     Building AI for a future proof regulatory framework
  •     Measuring and assessing regulatory concerns Enquire to sponsor 

Networking Bingo



1. Ensuring QoE through improved network services

5. Collaborating your services to offer a complete content delivery platform

6. Becoming successful in new and unfamiliar markets

3. Building infrastructure ready for opportunistic investment and innovation

Reserved for GBi

7. Redefining customer experience with chatbots and seamless touchpoints

Justin Reilly, Head Customer Experience Innovation, Verizon Fios

4. Developing Regtech to deal with the device explosion

8. Engaging with market verticals in the modern TMT sector


Networking lunch






    igital age is impacting the industry on an incredible scale. Interconnectivity for the always connected customer requires an effective and efficient virtual environment. Discover how the leading experts are virtualising their networks and leading the new era of connectivity. 
  •     Discovering how SDN can redefine data centres 
  •     Utilising SDN alongside NFV to create an effective software environment
  •     Understanding the new era of cloudscape 
  •     Who owns the network in the virtual world? 
  •     Responding to virtual security with an exchange of intelligence, improved vigilance and flexible multi-faceted solutions. 
  •     Dealing with security across multiple networks
  •     Safeguarding uninterrupted services

Panel: Driving the future of telecoms through emerging markets

  •     Determining lucrative opportunities in emerging markets
  •     Exploring the key regions and hubs
  •     Identifying the service supermarket
  •     Examples: mobile, money, broadband, cloud, content, media 
  •     Regulation as an innovation opener 
Moderator: Hariprasad Pichai, Principal, Arthur D Little

Debating the international and regional standards

  •     Formulating a combined plan to counter the new era of cyber attacks
  •     Identifying the emerging risk
  •     Proactive protection from the entire value chain
  •     Complying with the regulation in the new space of IoT  
  •     Discussing the significant effects of a security breach

Stimulating digital inclusion

  •     Bridging the gap to the disconnected 
  •     Providing access to opportunities in a digital age
  •     Identifying key markets and regions 
  •     Developing networks and cable construction for the under-connected  

Redefining security for the IoT era

  •     Preparing a secure platform before the 2020 explosion 
  •     Identifying and managing the weak spots of an all-encompassing IoT network
  •     Embedding security into future innovative services
  •     Understanding how much personal data will be online during the IoT era
  •     Wearable technology – the new hidden threat

Discovering the right markets in the right places

  •     Building relationships in emerging markets
  •     How M&A could be an successful alternative 
  •     Investing exactly where it matters
  •     How the regulation can assist emerging markets with reward
  •     Determining the value of certain geos; Middle East, South East Asia and Africa 

Protecting customer data

  •     Building a secure data strategy
  •     Utilising big data securely 
  •     Becoming proactive over reactive
  •     Analysing the importance of implementing an automated threat intelligence systems 
  •     Assessing and improving your system
  •     Exploring behavioural trends to identify security breaches   

Establishing a presence in an emerging market

  •     Deciding whether to go alone or partner with an established on-the-ground provider
  •     Creating effective and flexible commercial programs in various markets
  •     Connecting with Lowering latency and reinforcing resiliency
  •     Implementing with efficiency and effectiveness

Protecting billions of devices

  •     Transforming the challenge into an opportunity
  •     Protecting critical infrastructure 
  •     Managing devices and communications through predictive analytics
  •     Detecting stealthy and sophisticated advanced threats
  •     Lessons learnt from international DDoS attacks on IoT devices Reserved for Stormshield






    prises, new media services and OTTs are gaining traction in providing services to customers throughout the world. Prioritising funds throughout the organisation involves key investments, partnerships and collaboration. How can wholesale carriers create a strong portfolio of products, services and partnerships? 
  •     Understanding how SME partnerships can make you stand out from the crowded wholesale landscape 
  •     Providing services meeting demands and expectations
  •     Improving relationships with OTTs and MVNOs
  •     Focusing on quality of services through effective collaboration
  •     Providing a platform for innovation with international connectivity 
  •     Acquiring and partnering with new companies in different industries
  •     Consolidating vs competing 
  •     Partnering to deliver on digitalisation

Panel: Deploying a service with coverage, capacity and roaming

  •     Ensuring that LTE is everywhere at all times
  •     Protecting voice revenues with interoperability, interconnectivity and roaming 
  •     Demanding a competitive and flexible model to better compete with OTTs
  •     Dealing with the increase in security threats
  •     Ensuring QoE
Gaurav Thaney, General Manager 4G, LTE Business & Products, Reliance Jio

Building a future proof CDN infrastructure

  •     Structuring your people and culture in a future proof strategy 
  •     Leveraging the cloud to overcome investment challenges
  •     Migrating to an integrated IP delivery infrastructure 
  •     Merging IPTV and OTT in a hybrid platform 

Capitalising on VoLTE in the VoIP space

  •     Offering VoLTE as the better alternative 
  •     Improving services for the demanding consumer
  •     Offering better quality of calls through improved networks
  •     Maximising network capabilities and speeding up the deployment of LTE based innovation services

Who is the media owner?

  •     Emergence of telcos as CDNs
  •     Owning exclusive content and media 
  •     Revamping marketing to engage customers 
  •     Ensuring content monetisation 
  •     Dedicating your strategy to brand promotion and exposure 
  •     Socialising your digital properties
  •     Should telcos be paying for content? 

Deploying VoWIFI to support your VoLTE service

  •     Taking advantage of the VoWIFI opportunity
  •     Dismantling the role of landlines
  •     Deploying hot-spots for your customers
  •     Providing an out-of-data service
  •     Monetising the WIFI space with customer loyalty and reward
  •     VoWIFI; competing or complimenting VoLTE? 
  •     Leveraging cloud and virtualisation for virtual VoLTE

Capitalising on the latest innovations in content delivery

  •     Differentiating in the digital ecosystem
  •     Experimenting streaming with 4K delivery and VR
  •     Taking the challenges for OTT TV 
  •     Multicast vs unicast in providing content 
  •     Offering online gaming as a revenue stream and having the capacity to do so
  •     Looking to the future with LTE-A and 5G broadcasts
Terry Kane, Director Commercial & Industry, Facebook & Instagram

Supporting VAS through VoLTE

  •     Developing HD voice, video calling, Wi-Fi calling, multi device and enriched calling services
  •     Providing an end to end service for customers
  •     Guaranteeing full device interoperability 
  •     Roaming as an effective revenue stream 
  •     Discovering content sharing during callsReserved for ResponseTek 

Coping with the magnitude of content and media the customer demands

  •     Providing a seamless service at speed and scale 
  •     Creating intelligent content through tracking and analysing
  •     Utilising cloud and elasticity to effectively manage CDN 
  •     Incorporating cloudDVR into your content strategy
  •     Sharing content in the new eraEnquire to sponsor 

End of conference day two

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