Telecoms World Middle East Conference day 1


Mr Scott Gegenheimer

CEO Keynote Panel: Delivering on the 2020 promise

•    Understanding the true extent of IoT and what is to come in 2020
•    Building the platform today, ready for tomorrow
•    Delivering 5G networks and achieving efficiency to power IoT
•    Ensuring that telcos play a key role in the 2020 revolution 
•    Building the next technological hub
•    Evaluating the predictions
 o    50 billion connected devices by 2020 
 o    IoT - Equal to 11% of the world’s economy
 o    $6 trillion invested on IoT solutions by 2020
Mr Scott Gegenheimer, Chief Executive Officer, Zain Group
Mr Hatem Dowidar, Chief Executive Officer, International, Etisalat Group
Mr Ihab Hinnawi, Chief Executive Officer, Umniah
Mr Ulaiyan Al Wetaid

CEO Keynote Panel: Restructuring your organisation for the IoE age

•    Building the platform to be successful in the ever increasing competitive market
•    Strategically building for long term success
•    Engaging with IoE through efficient finance and investment strategies
•    Introducing an innovative culture within the workplace 
Mr Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, CEO, VIVA Bahrain
Mr Christian De Faria, Chief Executive Officer, Airtel
Mr Carlos Domingo

Keynote: Capitalising on the quantified economy

•    Capturing the explosion of devices in the connected world
•    Taking data collection to the front of business
•    Crunching and correlating data to move to a real time action
•    Analysing the endless possibilities for well-structured data collection 
•    Building or buying effective data infrastructure 
•    Structuring data to engage the millennial customer  
Mr Carlos Domingo, Chief New Business and Innovation Officer, du
Mr Hatem Bamatraf, Chief Technology Officer – Etisalat International, Etisalat

Keynote: Exploiting the digital revolution with robotics

•    Preparing for the global race towards 5G and digital transformation
•    Embracing the influx of robotics with AI, VR and AR
•    Driving the surge towards living technology and smart homes
•    Skyrocketing productivity with automation and machine learning 
•    Meshing devices for the internet-connected reality 
•    Introducing digitisation to education and healthcare
Surprise keynote speaker to be announced 1st April! 

Keynote: The emergence of LPWAN technology in the IoT battlefield

•    Understanding the benefits of LPWAN technology
•    Focusing on range and power efficiency 
•    Overcoming the constraint of budget and power to progress the IoT ecosystem
•    Ensuring cost effectiveness in technology investments 
•    Dealing with the demands of the future IoT user 
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Morning tea

11.20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below








It is now imperative for wholesale carriers to look to the future in order to be successful in an increasingly competitive business environment. Supporting traditional revenue streams whilst embracing the new, innovative services is key to success. 
•    Building a diverse service portfolio with innovation 
•    Shifting to a IT service organisation focusing on the customer 
•    Implementing revolutionary technology
•    Discussing emerging technology for wholesale carriers
•    Debating the opportunities to invest in wholesale
•    Driving innovation with M2M and mission-critical devices
•    Creating seamless connectivity through the cloud 
•    Combating the growing cyber-security threat
•    Acknologing the importance of start-ups in the technology innovation eco-system
Mr Miles McWilliams, Head of Global Sales- IPT/CDN Vertical, Deutsche Telekom
Dr Khalid Rafique, Senior Manager of Business Development, Pakistan Telecommunication Limited
Ahmed Abdellatif, Group Chief Wholesale Officer, Batelco

Constructing a virtual environment

•    Combining NFV and SDN to transform networks
•    Creating a common network revolution for VNF
•    Improving programmability, faster service enablement and lowering of CAPEX and OPEX 
•    Moving beyond the data centre with an end-to-end virtual network
•    Delivering the required capacity of network functions as needed
Mr Hesham Herzalla, Director Digital Transformation and Technology Innovation, Etisalat

Panel: Building an insight-driven organisation for the cognitive age

•    Employing a bottom-up data focused organisation 
•    Capitalising on the opportunity to monetise data 
•    Identifying the true benefits that data collection can produce 
•    Protecting brand identity and customer success 
•    Collaborating smart people and smart machines effectively
Markus Golder, CEO, Jawwy
Mr Cahyadi Poernomo, Group Head of Customer Value Management, Indosat Ooredoo
Mr Alaa Zaher, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Vodafone



Supercharging networks with NFV

•    Discovering how to consolidate network components with NFV
•    Providing software to decrease the amount of proprietary hardware required to launch and operate networks
•    Managing a pay as you grow model
•    Putting the operator back in control

Big data analytics: Driving personalisation

•    Kick-starting personalisation through cognitive, predictive and behavioural analytics
•    Implementing location services based on in-depth data collection
•    Developing a sophisticated, comprehensive view of the omnichannel customer 
•    Humanising big data with real time advanced machine learning
•    Creating instant compelling offers with customer behaviour patterns
•    Utilising virtual assistants and chatbots as an efficient way to drive digitisation 
Asim Mirza, Director of Customer Experience & Operations, Vodafone Qatar


Next generation networks are at the forefront of wholesale digitisation, with a real push towards providing for millennials in 2020. The question is, is 5G just about speed? This panel is dedicated to building a futureproof network and providing a platform for the new generation.
•    Discovering the ever increasing appetite for data, speed and QOS
•    Connecting future millennials with your networks
•    Building an instant and agile system ready for IoT
•    Understanding the importance of bandwidth to the connected world
•    Meeting content and media expectations with a leading network
•    Developing LTE roaming with IPX
•    Building data collection for system improvements
•    Discussing the impact of NFV and SDN for wholesale carriers
Mr Bernhard Pusch, Head of Carrier Sales – EMEA, Telstra
Mr Ali Amiri, Chief Carrier & Wholesale Officer, Etisalat

Taking the centre stage with SDN

•    Decoupling the network control and the control plane with SDN
•    Managing network services through lower-level functionality 
•    Identifying the benefits of SDN for the future digital telco. 
•    Virtualising the network with software
•    Centralising management and enabling innovation 
•    Eliminating vendor “lock-in” 
•    Increasing competitive offerings 

Case study: Building a decentralised data economy

•    Driving data collection through future innovation 
•    Reinventing data for AI, IoT, machine learning and VR
•    Building a future proof data collection strategy for the IoT era 
•    Providing customers with an information trade-off reward – “the give to get” factor
•    Complying with local and global regulation
Nicholas Oliver, Founder & CEO,

Changing the industry paradigm with software and BSS

•    Creating a virtual future proof model ready for the era of connectivity 
•    Delivering an agile software to generate new revenue
•    Driving flexibility, efficiency and significant cost reduction without effecting performance 
•    Virtualise and scale data traffic through software
•    Utilising BSS and OSS to support your end-to-end services
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Building architecture that is big data ready

•    Creating a platform that delivers big data analytics
•    Reducing storage and maintenance costs whilst increasing data collection 
•    Enabling descriptive and predictive analytics to support real-time decisions 
•    Having confidence in your systems ability to integrate, understand, manage and govern data effectively
Hamza Mohammad Swaid, Customer analytics and Strategy App consultant, Verint Systems Uk Ltd

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1. Offering a personalised and differentiated customer experience through analytics

Mr Cahyadi Poernomo, Group Head of Customer Value Management, Indosat Ooredoo

2. Discovering how to monetise digitisation

Ms Stacy Holland, Vice President Digital Experience, du

4. Embracing constant connectivity

5. Building a virtual platform to prepare for 5G and LTE

Reserved for Tata Communications

6. Embracing robotics and innovation

7. Driving the future telecom through SDN and NFV

8. Constructing a successful network infrastructure


Networking lunch






Hear from the leading figures in wholesale discussing the strategic challenges in the ever-changing carrier landscape. Strategising to initiate game-changing innovations whilst building an effective culture for the future telco. 
•    Understanding how to deal with the current economic situation in wholesale
•    Strategically building for long-term business success
•    Discussing the relationship with OTTs
•    Prioritising people and culture for wholesale success
•    Initiating an innovative culture through inspired leadership
•    Repositioning and rebranding effectively 
•    Building or buying? The key ingredients for global success 
•    Becoming a voice vs data carrier
Ahmed Abdellatif, Group Chief Wholesale Officer, Batelco

Redefining telecoms with blockchain

•    Can blockchain reinvent telecoms? 
•    Delivering immediate identity checks and authentication
•    Leveraging blockchain for payment services
•    Engaging in micro-contracts and contract verification
•    Exploring the “infinite opportunity platform” 
Jose Valles, VP Enterprise, Commerce, New Business and Innovation, Du

Panel: Revamping mobile CRM for the future customer experience

•    Engaging in a digital transformation project
•    Developing CRM through OTT relationships
•    Offering VAS through a multitude of devices
•    Jumping aboard the train of conversation commerce with interactivity
•    Ensuring cross-functional collaboration throughout all channels
Mr Kamal Okba, CCO & CMO, Inwi
Ms Selda Korkmaz Bostancioglu, Chief Customer Care Officer, Bakcell
Mr Tushar Dani, AVP Omnichannel and Ecommerce, Reliance Jio Infocomm Pvt Ltd

Crossing oceans to connect the planet

•    Building innovative undersea cables to connect your customers
•    Providing the content-rich services with undersea fibre optic cables
•    Regional submarine cables to provide optimised smaller-scale connectivity
•    Upgrading capacity reading for the influx of connectivity 
•    Driving forward submarine networks and cable construction for the bandwidth hungry generation
Mr Christian von der Ropp, Director, Terrestrial Networks, A Human Right

Digitisation of customer interaction experience

•    Revolutionising call centres with digitisation 
•    Deploying a digital self service experience through web, mobile and app channels. 
•    Driving digital sales 
•    Building a step-wise roadmap towards an omnichannel experience 
Mr Radu Ciocan, Group Director Customer Experience, Ooredoo Group

Tapping into the data centre business

•    Challenging the commercial providers with your own data centre capacity
•    Launching a data centre footprint 
•    Generating cloud centres
•    Reducing CAPEX and OPEX with a fast and flexible data centre structure
•    Contributing to the era of virtualisation 
Mr Trevor Dearing, EMEA Marketing Director, Gigamon

AI & VR: Paving the way with innovation

•    Revolutionising contact centres with 24/7 chatbots and video content
•    Incorporating robotics and analytics to CRM
•    Blurring the lines between the real and virtual world with VR customer interaction 
•    Collaborating man and machine to deliver next level customer service 
•    Empowering frontend representatives with the right information
Mr Riku Salminen, CEO and Partner, Jongla

Developing your core network infrastructure

•    Discovering network investment and sharing
•    Working with competitors to lower increasing investments
•    Utilising small cells to effectively develop 5G networks
•    Capturing the hidden traffic through improved infrastructure 
•    Contributing to the analysis of the end user

Creating brand loyal millennials in a digital world

•    Dedicating a CX loyalty strategy 
•    Gaining loyalty with tailored content 
•    Using analytics to understand and personalise customer experiences
•    Contextualising customers to better improve service delivery
•    Attracting new customers through social media
•    Creating a marketplace of services 
Ms Isabelle Hajri, Chief Marketing Officer, Dhiraagu


5G & LTE




With over half of the continent’s population unconnected, Africa’s TMT blueprint is no longer only for the brave. As the final frontier in broadband connectivity, the scope for carrier neutral data centres, data distribution and ecommerce revenue streams is limitless. 
•    Understanding Africa’s data traffic
•    Developing the connectivity landscape throughout the region
•    Discovering the impact of 4G/LTE
•    Connecting the disconnected 
•    Unlocking the potential of content distribution 
•    Building on 8 years of submarine network infrastructure in East Africa
•    Discussing the importance of carrier-neutral data centres throughout the region 
Moderator: Ms Juanita Clark, Co-Founder &Chief Executive Officer, FTTH COUNCIL AFRICA
Mr Ali Ben Abdallah, Head of International & Wholesale, Tunisie Telecom
Ms Wangeci Kanjama Gathinji, HEAD OF WHOLESALE & ROAMING DPT, Safaricom Ltd

Panel: Preparing for the 2020 device explosion

•    Revamping your network ready for the boom in machine diversity
•    Migrating to 5G from 4G and LTE
•    Identifying the demand for speed and connectivity, everywhere and always
•    Investing efficiently and effectively to deploy by 2020
•    Responding to LPWAN – narrowband technology to support 5G
•    Deploying small cells and DAS as complimentary options to deliver 5G
Moderator: Mr Laurent Viviez, Vice President, A.T. Kearney Limited
Konstantinos Chalkiotis, VP Mobile Access, Deutsche Telekom
Mr Wajeeh Anwer, EVP Technical, P.T.C.l.

Panel: Understanding the true extent of connectivity in the digital era

•    Filling the future with 50 billion connected devices
•    Building ubiquitous technology
•    Demand and expectation of interconnectivity across the entire spectrum
•    Discussing the signs and statistics pointing towards hyper-intelligent systems connecting everyone, everywhere, at all times
Khayyam Hasanli, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Azerfon L.L.C
Mr Andrew Hanna, Chief Commercial Officer, Kuwait Telecommunication Company- VIVA
Mr Juergen Hase, CEO Unlimit, Reliance Group

Creating a successful LTE business model

•    Building an innovative business model prepared for 2020 
•    Securing long term strategic relationships 
•    Managing LTE network planning
•    Testing and measuring network quality to advance core infrastructure 
•    Redefining your business into a customer centric and data driven model
•    Leveraging networks to gather data from OTT services; voice, video and broadcast

Connected & driverless cars: the billion dollar opportunity

•    The need for ultra-fast networks for safety and security 
•    Developing cloud infrastructure, services and connectivity from a single source
•    Collaborating with automotive companies to capitalise on the emerging lucrative market
•    Evaluating the potential of connected cars 
 o    On-board diagnostics
 o    Wearables
 o    E-coaching
 o    In-car data collection
•    Overcoming the issue of privacy with next generation connectivity – rewarding the customer
Mr Mukund Menda, Head of MENA, Civil Maps

Boosting ROI through LTE networks

•    Deploying networks which will lead the way in 2020
•    Creating value in the IoT with 5G
•    Capitalising on the rich data to develop revenue streams and tailor tariffs
•    Working with OTTs to develop revenue from network investment
•    Differentiating through LTE service offerings
•    Experimenting with quad play bundling to create revenue 
Mr Saleem M. Albalooshi, Senior Vice President of Network Development & Operations, du

Case study: Becoming the lifestyle brand with smart home connectivity

•    Integrating smart and connected devices into households
•    Discussing the 5 pillars
 o    Home networking
 o    Automation & control
 o    Entertainment
 o    Surveillance & monitoring
 o    Do it yourself retail
•    Offering a complete M2M, smart home package
Mr Amir Mortezaie, Director Smart Home Services, du

Building the highway to the super-connected, super-intelligent world

•    Overcoming the challenges that 4G cannot
•    Adopting an open and software-driven architecture allowing for 5G application
•    Building a network platform that can connect over 100 billion devices 
•    Securing greater bandwidth and ultra-lower latency  
•    Driving the development of 5G through industry cooperation
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Building the future smart city with heterogeneous networks

•    Reimagining the relationship between authorities, communication service providers and telecoms
•    Discovering the role of telco’s in the smart city initiative  
•    Addressing public issues via ICT-based solutions
•    Developing high speed and capacity networks for transportation, energy and security 
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Networking break



Keynote: From telcos to IT providers: enabling the digital life

•    Building an IT based business model
•    Expanding beyond the core business model 
•    Focalising and segregating your model to manage technology innovation 
•    Becoming the content driven telco 
•    Integrating vertically with a flexible structure open to change
•    Focusing on creating a new, untraditional innovative culture 
•    Launching an innovation arm 
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Karan Ponnudurai

Keynote Panel: Evolution or revolution? The roadmap to going digital

•    Discovering how to monetise digitisation
•    Placing telecoms at the front of the future digitised society
•    Driving digitisation in education and healthcare
•    Understanding upstream industries and collaboration opportunities
•    Taking advantage of the smart city opportunities
•    The customer is king – realising the new customer centred revolution 
•    Providing services throughout the communications process – how far do telcos go? 
Karan Ponnudurai, Group Chief Digital Officer, Batelco
Mr Cenk Serdar, SVP Consumer, Chief Consumer Officer, Saudi Telecom Company

Close of day one


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