The subsea network that is linked by the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea and Indian Ocean is a critical network that connects hundreds of millions of citizens across the region.

As the population becomes increasingly connected and demand for faster, more flexible networks continues to escalate, industry stakeholders need to continually anticipate, innovate and collaborate to survive and thrive in an age of exploding bandwidth. Flexibility, agility, scale and sound planning will be the key traits of success as the world shifts towards an on-demand, digital economy.

In 2018 our dedicated Submarine Networks briefing day will explore the opportunities and challenges that face the industry across the region as demand for capacity increases, and pressure is put on financing, increasing lifetime cycles and combatting new cybersecurity threats.

The one day event will provide a dedicated platform for the industry to exchange knowledge, present new and upgraded cable projects, strategise and partner.

Limited sponsorship opportunities are available. If you have an interest in presenting to the region’s biggest investors into subsea technologies contact today to present on one of the following topics:






Antonio Nunes
Antonio Nunes
Angola Cables
Pal Beres
Pal Beres
Market Development Director
Turk Telekom
Anjum Farooqui
Anjum Farooqui
Team Lead ITMC & Submarine Network
Jamil Al Koussa
Jamil Al Koussa
International Business Development Sales & Procurement
Omar Hasan Al Zaabi
Omar Hasan Al Zaabi
VP Product & Capacity Management
Ali Ben Abdallah
Shoaib Aslam Syal
General Manager International Carrier Business
Multinet Pakistan
Liu ChangHai
Johan Nilerud
Director International Market Development – Global Infrastructure
Fiorillo Pasquale
Fiorillo Pasquale
Head of Sales IP & Data – Asia Africa & ME
Italia Sparkle


Submarine Networks Middle East Briefing Day


Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL Evolution of the subsea industry in the region

  •     Discovering the new drivers of demand and the impact of content providers within the industry
  •     Identifying the surge of OTTs and disruptors within the industry 
  •     Taking advantage of the new PoPs within the network 
  •     Recognising the future consumption trends of bandwidth hungry consumers
  •     Driving forward regional smart city initiatives within exceptional submarine networks
  •     Connecting the East to West: exploiting the strategic location of the Middle East
Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL The next sea-change: global reach, global touch, global enablement

  •     Implications of IoT, 5G and Industry 4.0 
  •     Borderless: going beyond geography with global access points in multiple markets and global data flows
  •     Assessing and predicting the role of cloud giants in the next five years
  •     Combatting the new subnet providers and their demands e.g. Facebook, Apple, Google 
  •     Utilising emerging technology for high performance, low latency connectivity
  •     Developing the platform for the future needs of the internet 
Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL Accelerating connectivity in emerging markets

  •     Identifying new growth markets and the possibilities they bring 
  •     Capitalising on new business opportunities across the region 
  •     Overcoming the connectivity challenges in developing markets 
  •     Leading the way during the boom in internet adoption 
  •     Feeding the bandwidth hungry digital consumers 
Submarine Networks Middle East

Securing the sea of cables: a global security threat

  •     Reducing network vulnerability in the digital age
  •     Overcoming the new threats, both physical and cyber 
  •     Improving response to security threats 
  •     Developing technology to move from reactive to proactive cybersecurity 
  •     Increasing security through upgrades, collaboration and cloud infrastructure Reserved for sponsor
Submarine Networks Middle East

Speed networking

Submarine Networks Middle East

Morning tea


Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL Satellite vs Fibre: the race to ultimate connectivity

  •     Remaining the key international data transport method with ultra-low latency fibre connectivity
  •     Driving digital transformation with fast, reliable and high capacity connectivity 
  •     Debating the benefits and disadvantages of each infrastructure 
  •     Combining software and hardware in the new models of connectivity 
Submarine Networks Middle East

OTTs: demanding, disrupting yet developing the industry

  •     Discovering the impact and the rise of OTTs, live streaming and VoD 
  •     Identifying the impact on traditional carriers 
  •     Who will be buying and selling capacity in the future? 
  •     Discussing the trend of OTT investment 
  •     Overcoming imbalance in investment opportunities
Submarine Networks Middle East

Regulating the seas and skies: striking a balance

  •     Embracing innovation, and creating a subsea and satellite level playing field Regulating the global players or reducing regulation on national service providers? 
  •     Identifying the need for cross-industry regulation 
  •     Addressing the changing geo-politics 
  •     Reducing jurisdictional creep and ensuring effective data regulation in the era of protectionism 
Submarine Networks Middle East

Extending capacity and reach

  •     Higher capacity, faster networking, lower costs and power per bit
  •     Challenges and opportunities for optical networks
  •     Innovative approaches at every layer of the network
  •     Cloud scale networks for subsea
  •     Managing cost limitations with increments in capacity 
  •     Going beyond todays subsea capacity transmission limits for tomorrows internet Reserved for sponsor
Submarine Networks Middle East

Project updates: SPEX (4 x 10 min slots)

Submarine Networks Middle East

Networking lunch


Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL SDN in submarine: unlocking network potential

  •     Unlocking the power of software innovation for tomorrows subsea networks 
  •     Virtualising aspects of the network for greater flexibility, agility and reduction of costs 
  •     Developing multi-tiered systems to support infrastructure and services
  •     Connecting the data centre to the cable through virtual software
  •     Discovering the demand for virtualised unified communications and cloud based UCaaS 
  •     Identifying the new capacity drivers and the impact of 5G on international bandwidth consumption
Submarine Networks Middle East

Revolutionising the data centre

  •     Meeting the growing capacity demand with data centres
  •     SDDC: built for the cloud 
  •     Optimising intercontinental data centre connectivity 
  •     Meeting the capacity demands of next-gen cloud users
  •     Redefining the meaning of hubs
  •     Debating the impact and opportunity in carrier neutral data centres 
  •     Identifying the regional data centre opportunities
Submarine Networks Middle East

Hyper-converged infrastructure: the rapid adoption

  •     Are converged solutions becoming the norm? 
  •     Discovering the impact of convergence    
  •     Removing the single ‘anchor’ network solutions provider with a combination of multiple interconnected partners
  •     Taking a solution based approach for customer acquisition 
  •     Developing vendor neutral environments for accelerated growth in vertical and horizontal application ecosystemsReserved for sponsor


Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL Installing critical infrastructure with surveying and route planning

  •     Increasing global PoPs with new installation of cables 
  •     Extending the lifespan of cable investment and maximising the cable investment potential with exhaustive marine surveying
  •     Anticipating performance and reducing costs with technology 
  •     Improving network architecture and system design 
  •     Overcoming the challenges in standardisation for open system testing 
  •     Creating network diversity with new routes 
  •     Identifying challenges that have emerging, technological advances for success in harsh environments
Submarine Networks Middle East

Too big to fail? Testing and monitoring the global cables

  •     Ensuring good health and minimise downtime through early detection of faults 
  •     Managing multiple cables to avoid potential connectivity failure  
  •     Reducing potential network defects with multiple test sets
  •     Overcoming the challenges of commissioning, turning-up and troubleshooting 100G networks
  •     Discussing the testing models for OSNR in open systems 
  •     Undersea intelligence: utilising machine learning, big data and AI to gain unique insights into existing network assets 
Submarine Networks Middle East

Maintaining the cables that wire the world

  •     Relooking at maintenance models to achieve greater efficacy 
  •     Optimising and automating submarine networks for effective maintenance  
  •     Discussing the travel restrictions impacting engineer maintenance  
  •     Remotely testing end-to-end services to overcome manual maintenance 
  •     Extracting maximum value from networks through consistent and effective cable maintenance Reserved for sponsor 


Submarine Networks Middle East

PANEL Industry 4.0: a world of new business models and markets

  •     Consortium, private or hybrid models? 
  •     Will consortiums remain the popular model or will we look to private and hybrid? 
  •     Exploring partnerships as a key driver in the modern era 
  •     Capitalising on business and technology opportunities that come with open networks
  •     Overcoming the challenge of open cable systems with consistent upgrades 
  •     Ensuring operators benefit in partnerships 
Pasquale Fiorillo, Head of Capacity Services, Marketing and Business Development, Telecom Italia Sparkle
Submarine Networks Middle East

Cost engineering: economic vs technical lifespan

  •     Budgeting, planning and monitoring investment projects 
  •     Driving down costs with effective cable lifespan management
  •     Developing a futureproof strategy to match expected economic lifespan with appropriate cables
  •     Powering the future with cost effective cable infrastructure systems   
Submarine Networks Middle East

Structuring and financing subsea networks

  •     Managing the costs of expanding capacity and reach 
  •     Ensuring RoI on new projects 
  •     Monetising subsea networks with innovative technology 
  •     Financing new routes by working with key stakeholders
  •     Positioning new routes for network diversity and resiliency 
  •     Discovering the financial criteria to invest into subsea infrastructure Reserved for sponsor 
Submarine Networks Middle East

Close of Submarine Networks 2018

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