Conference Day 2


Power & Electricity World Vietnam 2017 Conference Day 2


Organiser's opening remarks


Chair's opening remarks

Renewable Energy Development

Ninh Hai Nguyen

Government Address: Policy mechanism for the promotion of renewable energy in general, and solar energy in particular

Ninh Hai Nguyen, Power and Renewable Energy Department, Ministry Of Industry And Trade
Viet Ngai Tran

Accelerating renewable energy development in Vietnam

  • What is a realistic expectation of how much renewable capacity can be developed in the near future?
  • What’s hindering rapid renewable energy development?
  • The market enabling environment
  • Securing government permits and licenses for renewable energy development
  • Benchmarking against and learning from other ASEAN neighbours

Track 1 – The Solar Show Vietnam

Track 2 – The Wind Show Vietnam

Solar Market Outlook

Wind Power Development

Track 1 – The Solar Show Vietnam

Keynote: PV-storage: Our 24/7 solar future – Success story of the Philippines

  • PV with Storage will become the world's least cost power far sooner than people expect -- and is already cheaper than coal in the Philippines today. The PH will soon show that 60-80% solar penetration is possible, and strand all fossil fuel plants today and end coal's dominance in SE Asia in the coming years.
  • The bottleneck is political, as regulators and utilities are unable to adjust to this change as fast as is economical. This creates opportunities behind-the-meter, via rooftops and microgrids (as demonstrated by a pilot 10 MWh PV-Storage project we're completing this year, and another 100 MWh industrial project to be completed early next year). If investors are willing to take such risks, the global PV industry will reach 60-80% penetration worldwide in the coming years.
Track 2 – The Wind Show Vietnam

Keynote: Achieving Vietnam’s wind potential

  •  The next big opportunity for wind in Vietnam
  • Off-shore, near-shore and on-shore wind potential 
  • New innovations and technologies disrupting wind worldwide
  • How can Vietnam upscale its wind capacity to its full potential?
Track 1 – The Solar Show Vietnam

Panel Discussion: Bringing utility scale solar projects online in Vietnam

  • How much capacity can solar realistically provide in the near future?
  • What can be done to accelerate the take-off of solar in Vietnam?
  • FITs: Initial implementation
  • Insights from those who have gone ahead to develop successful projects
  • Investment climate: attracting new finance and supporting new solar projects
  • Securing grid connection
  • Structuring offtake agreements
Moderator: Prabaljit Sarkar, Director Business Development, Infraco Asia
Cristiano Spillati, Managing Director, Limes Renewable Energy
Thi Thanh Tam Nguyen, CEO, Linh Duong Group
Quang Dung Trinh, Chairman, Consultant’s Board, Linh Duong Group
Track 2 – The Wind Show Vietnam

Panel Discussion: Trapped wind? Unleashing the power of wind in Vietnam

  • What’s holding back wind energy in Vietnam? 
  • Feed-in tariff or renewable portfolio standard? What help is on the horizon for wind projects in Vietnam?
  • What can Vietnam learn from Europe and the US?
  • More than just money: How can Vietnam further support the development of a successful wind sector?
  • Siting: Where in Vietnam gives you high wind speeds, easy grid access and customer absorption?
Olivier Duguet, CEO, The Blue Circle
Van Thinh Bui, CEO, Thuan Binh Wind Power JSC

Networking & Morning Refreshments

Utility Scale Solar

Developer Perspectives

Track 2 – The Wind Show Vietnam

Project Showcase: Phu Lac Wind Power Plant Phase 1

Track 2 – The Wind Show Vietnam

Panel: Beyond uncertainties - Overcoming bottlenecks in developing utility scale wind projects in Vietnam

  • Experiences from project developers in rolling out wind projects in other countries
  • Overcoming regulatory and financing bottlenecks
  • Project financing and development strategies
  • Structuring offtake agreements
  • Working with local partners
Moderator: David Ross, Country Manager, Southeast Asia, Renewable Energy Worldwide Team Lead, U.S. Trade and Development Agency
Chollawit Winitchai, Vice President and Head of International Investment, Rachiburi Electricity Generating Holding Plc.
Christopher Dorman, Development Manager, Mainstream Renewable Energy

Networking luncheon

Wind Development Clinic

Track 2 – The Wind Show Vietnam

Developing wind projects in Vietnam: from regulatory to technical considerations

  • Guidelines on legal procedures of wind power investment: 5 phases, 26 steps, 20 agreements/ licenses
  • GIZ Wind measurement campaign 2012 – 2017: assessment of resources
  • Wind development clinic: technical concerns and expert’s support
Roland Ries, Head of Component - Wind DKTI, GIZ

Rooftop Solar

Track 1 – The Solar Show Vietnam

Panel Discussion: Commercial and industrial solar: Opportunities in rooftop PV in Vietnam

  • Empowering C&I facility owners to produce their own energy and reduce electricity costs by installing solar panels on their roofs
  • Current electricity tariff systems and main business models for solar PV rooftop projects
  • Interesting business models, going beyond equity & PPA: leasing, long term payment terms, no upfront payment terms, etc.
  • Case studies of PV rooftop projects in Vietnam and lessons learnt from initial implementation
Gavin Smith, Director, Clean Development, Dragon Capital
Thomas Jakobsen, Managing Director, Renewable Energy, Saigon Asset Management

Afternoon Refreshments & Close of Conference

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