Mr Nikolaus Panzera | Operation Manager
Wiener Linien

Mr Nikolaus Panzera, Operation Manager, Wiener Linien

In 2004 I graduated high school (subject: automotive engineering).
After two years at an Austrian automobile club, were I did technical and purchase advice and got first work experience, I changed to Wiener Linien in 2007. My career started as a bus driver. It was a deliberate decision to get in touch with the basic task of public transport: moving people safely, comfortable and on time from A to B. While driving busses through Vienna I gathered lots of experience concerning the needs and challenges of public transport.
In 2009 I became aware of a new subject at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences and decided to study railway infrastructure engineering. I passed the bachelor degree course as a full time student, meanwhile I continued my bus driver job part-time. After graduation to Bachelor of Science in 2012 I decided to continue my studies part-time and changed to the underground operation department of Wiener Linien. At first I became responsible for the support of several projects from the operational point of view as well as organizing metro traffic at big events with high attendance of visitors (such as soccer games, concerts etc.).

Since February 2014 I’m the operational manager of metro lines U1 and U4. As such, I am responsible for all operational belongings as for instance organization of metro traffic as well as evaluation of incidents. Furthermore I am the disciplinarian for station and train staff on those two lines.
In December 2014 I finally finished my master studies and graduated to Master of Science.
Beside managing lines U1 and U4 I was involved in preparation and creation of a pilot study concerning the implementation of unattended train operation in Vienna, which was created in 2014. In the late spring of 2015 Wiener Linien’s CEOs decided that Vienna’s new metro Line U5, which is planned to be opened in 2023, is going to be operated fully driverless. Since this will be the first UTO-line in both Vienna and Austria, we are at the moment creating the operational concept for a driverless metro system in Vienna, whereby I am one of the key businessman out of the metro operation department.

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