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SilverRail is powering global rail with its next generation retailing and distribution platform. Its technology is purpose built for rail. Its product suite spans the full customer experience lifecycle: journey planning, inventory management, scheduling, pricing, booking, payment, ticketing, reporting and administration.

SilverRail’s solution is SilverCore - the world’s first unified platform for global rail distribution, it connects carriers and suppliers to both online and offline travel distributors.

SilverRail is an exceptional performer: powers over 1 billion online rail searches per year; distributes tickets for more than 35 providers and carriers; processes over 25 million bookings per year, and serves over 1,500 corporate customers worldwide.

To further unlock global rail distribution, SilverRail is focused on five key standards which are critical to the future of the industry:

1. A common language for global rail - across equipment, fare classes, amenities, stations and tickets

2. A common index for all journeys - so anyone, anywhere, can plan, manage and book a journey 

3. A comprehensive inventory of global rail - rigorous in its accuracy, relevancy and consistency

4. Real time routing, pricing and scheduling

5. A single, seamless ‘ticket’, for any journey

The five standards show a way forward for the industry that enables cooperation, and benefits everyone.  

It’s because of these standards that air travel has become available, affordable and accessible to millions of travellers around the world. Now it’s time to apply those standards to make the speed, convenience, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of rail a viable option for travellers today. If, as an industry, we can do this, a lot of great things become possible.

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