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ExPretio is a privately held company founded after more than a decade of advanced academic research in revenue and price optimization by world-renowned experts in Operations Research and management science based in Canada and Europe.

At ExPretio, we are 100% committed to the application of Revenue Management principles to the rail and air transport industries. Out flagship product, Appia, is a powerful and highly adaptable Revenue Optimization and Customer Intelligence solution. Used by major European rail operators who have seen significant improvements in revenue, passenger traffic, and yield, Appia is able to meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic and competitive railway industry.

Appia takes into account fares and other product attributes, distribution channels and customer profiles, while explicitly considering passenger purchase habits, corporate guidelines and competitors’ fares. By integrating intelligent customer behaviour models into a network-wide optimization framework, Appia provides revenue analysts and decision markers the tools and insight on the nature and characteristics of passenger demand needed to identify, analyze, and seize optimization opportunities in their commercial offering.

Enhanced by an advanced business rules framework, Appia can help operators achieve top-down commercial objectives by greatly simplifying the implementation of the most appropriate Revenue Management strategy for each departure.

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