Valerie Lefler | CEO
Feonix - Mobility Rising

Valerie Lefler, CEO, Feonix - Mobility Rising

Valerie Lefler is an international expert in rural transportation and mobility as a service in low population density communities.  She is President & CEO of Integrated Global Dimensions and recently spent 2 ½ years leading one of the nation’s top mobility start-ups - Liberty Mobility Now, the first rural-focused Mobility as a Service (MaaS) provider in the US. Ms. Lefler previously worked extensively with program sponsors at the state and federal levels, and has over 18 years of project management experience involving over $37 million in nationally-recognized research, education, and technology transfer initiatives. She has been featured by Smithsonian Magazine, New York Times, NPR and the Christian Science Monitor.


Rail Fest Pre-Day @ 15:30

How do business models differ between rural & urban MaaS?

  • Identify the differing needs of passengers for different rail operators
  • Bringing together local authorities and communities for the MaaS business model
  • How can integration of rural and urban mobility be made possible?
last published: 17/Oct/18 16:25 GMT

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