Tiit Laiksoo | Head of Ticketing Division
Tallinn Transport Department

Tiit Laiksoo, Head of Ticketing Division, Tallinn Transport Department

Tiit Laiksoo graduated from the Tallinn Marine College and Marketing Institute. After years as a captain’s mate and wine-importer, he started working for Tallinn City Government from 2005 in the Transport Department. THere he was Site Manager of CIVITAS initiative projects SMILE and MIMOSA, H2020 projects CREATE and FLOW. From 2014 he has held the position of Head of Ticketing Division. At present this division is launching the new E-TICKETING project under the Interreg programme.


Rail Festival Day 1 @ 12:35

The creation of seamless, cross-border journeys: from idea to reality

  • Going beyond the integration of mobile & smart card
  • Learn how Tallinn & Helsinki are collaborating in implementing cross-border ticketing
  • How can this technology be developed globally?
last published: 12/Nov/18 18:15 GMT

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