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Steve Wells is a Global Futurist and Director of Operations at Fast Future Publishing. He is Co-Editor of the book The Future of Business and the forthcoming book, Unleashing Human Potential - The Future of AI in Business. He is an experienced presenter, strategist, futures analyst and partnership working practitioner.
As Director of Operations at Fast Future Publishing, he leads on the company’s publishing projects, liaising with multiple authors, and leading the edit / review process.  
An experienced facilitator, presenter, and speaker, he prepares and delivers client presentations and workshops on the future of business and society, focusing on the impact of emerging technologies with the objective of helping clients and delegates to make sense of a complex and rapidly emerging landscape.
As a Strategy Consultant and Futures Analyst he has worked with a range of clients across a number of different sectors including Allergan, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, Association of Independent Tour Operators, Astra Zeneca, EU Directorate General for Communications Networks Content and Technology, Harman International Industries, International Legal Technology Association, National Health Service (UK), Pfizer, Premier Media Group, Sky UK, and UK Government Department of Business Innovation & Skills.
Steve’s professional background is finance, marketing, strategy and strategic planning, partnership development, futures research and analysis, publishing and facilitation.


Rail Festival Day 2 15th November @ 09:00

How can rail navigate the future transport ecosystem and prepare for the advent of smart mobility

  • How big could the impact of artificial intellegence, blockchain and big data be for rail?
  • What are the practical applications for these technologies and how are they likely to develop and impact transport?
  • Preparing to be an agile organisation that can adapt to change, disruption and challenges as opposed to overtaken by competitors

Rail Festival Day 2 15th November @ 09:40

Preparing for the future of transport

  • Preparing for the future of mobility with digital innovation as a key enabler
  • Understand how are we working to ensure experience on the railway encourages loyalty to the brand
  • Investing in smart ticketing and public transport partnerships to turn the future of transport into a reality

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