Steve Wakeland | Chief Executive Officer

Steve Wakeland, Chief Executive Officer, ITSO Ltd

Steve has worked in technology risk management and information security at various industrial and financial services organisations for over 30 years.
He joined ITSO Limited late in 2011 as Governance Manager to lead compliance through the implementation of policies and procedures across the ITSO membership.
Since becoming General Manager of ITSO in January 2015 and more recently became Chief Executive Officer in May 2017 Steve has focussed on increasing the resilience of the organisation by strengthening the team, improving technology and supporting processes.  More recently he has steered the company’s focus towards future-based technologies, including ITSO on mobile and account-based ticketing.


Rail Festival Day 1 @ 15:20

Panel: What is the future of ticketing technologies?

Topics discussed will include:
  • Which new ticketing technologies are being put into practise in rail and other transport sectors?
  • How rail can keep it simple and satisfy new digital customer expectations?
  • What futuristic NFC, beacons, biometrics and implanted technologies bring to the table commercially
last published: 18/Oct/18 09:25 GMT

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