Sami Sahala | I.T.S. Chief Advisor
Forum Virium Helsinki

Sami Sahala, I.T.S. Chief Advisor, Forum Virium Helsinki

Mr Sami Sahala acts as a Chief Advisor on ITS and project manager at Forum Virium Helsinki, non-profit innovation agency of City of Helsinki. His current activities within the field of Smart Mobility include the Mobility as a Service -concept and especially it's international interoperability issues, realtime traffic and parking data, and innovative procurement of ITS.
Having been involved in ITS full-time since late 90’s his previous position was as Industry Leader on ITS, M2M and Space for Logica (CGI) Finland with main role in global ITS team. He is a founding member of ITS Finland and was a member of it’s steering board 2003-2012. He has also had numerous positions in advisory groups for Ministry of Transportation and other organisations.


Rail Fest Pre-Day @ 13:00

Case Study: Getting to grips with MaaS

  • What you need to know about the importance of ‘true’ MaaS?
  • Capitalise on the key benefits for rail in urban mobility
  • How can this be upscaled on a regional and national level?
last published: 12/Nov/18 18:15 GMT

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